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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Olga (Russian: Ольга) is a character in Metro Exodus. She is a member of the Children of the Forest.


Olga is a high-ranking member of the Pioneers, achieving the rank of Instructor. As such, she often acts as the voice of reason and advocates for peaceful solutions. She is also one of the Children's best fighters, with only Roman, their leader, being able to best her.

Metro Exodus[]

Olga rescues Artyom from drowning in a river after Krest's Railcar becomes derailed due to a landslide triggered by the Forest Master, sending Artyom, Alyosha, and the railcar into the river. Olga keeps Artyom's survival a secret from the other Children, and tells Artyom to stay out of sight before leaving. Alyosha, in turn, is captured by the Children, but Olga helps him escape.

She is encountered again after Artyom fights the Forest Master at the church, which is where the revered former leader of the Children happens to be buried, known only as the Teacher. Olga talks about the history of the Children, and implores Artyom not to kill any of her kind.

At the end of the Taiga level, Olga arrives with a few Children to see Artyom and Alyosha off. Her attitude towards them will depend on how Artyom chose to interact with the Children. If Artyom restrained himself from killing the Children, Olga will wish them well and she and Alyosha will confess their feelings for each other. If Artyom killed too many Children, however, Olga will be much more hostile, and will threaten to kill them if they ever return. The Children will also open fire on Artyom and Alyosha as they're ziplining away, hitting Alyosha in the shoulder and confining him to a wheelchair.