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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

Park Pobedy (Russian: Парк Победы) is a station in the novel Metro 2033, on the same line as Kievskaya, D6, and the Kremlin.


To the residents of Kievskaya, this station is abandoned, since the tunnel had collapsed not long after the war, but the station is actually home to the Savage Cannibals of the Great Worm Cult. Kievskaya station had been dwindling in its population since an unknown disappearance of several of the younger residents. The unknown entity was actually the cannibals at Park Pobedy. The tunnel between Kievskaya and Park Pobedy had been destroyed in the war, and the only way between was a small air vent that covered the tunnel damage. This was unknown to the residents of Kievskaya as the cannibals were able to covertly enter, abduct, and leave the station. The station also leads onto Metro 2 and the Kremlin. The Cannibals were not permitted to enter the tunnel since the "Great Worm" roamed Metro 2 and would devour any one who entered, as proclaimed by the cult's priests.


  • Park Pobedy is the deepest station in the Moscow Metro at 84m in depth, due to the fact that it's the newest constructed station.