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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The Patient Ledger is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Volga: In the middle of the western bay of the southern island, there is half-sunk house. In the final room of the house, the ledger will be on the office desk to your left.


Feb 4

12 patients, 8 - acute radiation syndrome, stage III, 3 - ARS st. IV, prognosis in all cases is poor, all I have left is 32 flasks of Ampicillin and 40 flasks of Tramadol.

Feb 7

5 new patients in 3 days, all - ARS st. III, Also 2 lethal cases, I couldn't do a thing... At least I have Tramadol for the worst cases...

Feb 11

No new patients, everyone is here. 7 lethal c. in 3 d. Earth hard as rock, I just put them all in the shed. Out of Ampicillin, so I just give them saline IV, they say they feel better...

Feb 15

6 lethal c. more, they all know everything now but still keep thanking me... Only 2 Tramadols left, I'll put them both into Varya's drip, she's a st. IV and suffered longer than anyone but she never complains... I can't handle it anymore.

Feb 23

Just three of us left, we kept talking all night, helps to distract ourselves... The sores ache like hell, I don't get how could Varya endure it... In any case, it's not going to take long now...

Feb 25

Today I was the only one to wake up. I did all I could. It is time.