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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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Hello Artyom! You need some Weapons? Okay lets take a look.. Submachine gun- 5.45 Caliber, made in the Armory. Its got poor accuracy and overheats like hell, that's why they call it a "Bastard gun", hahah.

— Pavel

Pavel (Russian: Павел) is a cheerful armorer at the Exhibition station. He is only briefly seen during the respective level and provides Artyom with basic equipment including a Bastard, one hundred dirty 5.45 cartridges, a Universal Charger, a Gas Mask with some filters, and a Medkit.

The firing range in his armory gives the player unlimited ammunition meaning they can shoot for as long as they want without worrying about losing the recently gained ammo. It acts as a good practice range for new players.



  • His name is never revealed in the game, but sound files refer to him as both "armourer" and "Pavel".
    • According to the same sound files, at some point of development he was supposed to give Artyom his knife as well.
  • He has a shooting range in the armory filled with random junk, bottles, kettles, toys, and several other items including a Nazi helmet and a Bandit hockey mask.
    • The shooting range was intended to showcase the 4A Engine lightning and physics capabilities to reviewers of the beta-version. If one shoots metal sheets at the ceiling, a light from the bulbs behind them will be visible through the holes.