The Pechatniki Confederation is a faction that controls five stations in the Moscow Metro. It was briefly mentioned in the Metro 2033 novel and it also appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 novel Crossroads of Fate.


The Pechatniki Confederation is a state-republic which specializes in trading. It occupies five stations in the southern part of the Moscow Metro, on the Lublin-Dmitrovskaya Line. It was formed in 2020 to expand the mushroom industry, to defend against mutants coming from the south, to obtain trade routes and to prevent annexation by the Hanza stations in the north.

In Metro 2033, it was mentioned that the Confederation produces mushroom tea of slightly lower quality than the one produced in VDNKh, but much cheaper.

Each of the five stations has its own chiefs and administration, however, the Confederation also has its central leadership. Since 2033, the leader of the Confederation is Ivan Danilov.

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