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Peter Petrovna was a former military commander, former station master, and the father of Sasha Petrovna in the Metro 2034 novel.

Metro 2034[]

Peter and his daughter lived in Kolomenskaya station after they were banished from Avtozavodskaya. Peter went up to the surface to scavenge for mechanical and electronic components, which Sasha would try to fix and then sell to the Revolutionaries of Avtozavodskaya, though he also searched for a working/fixable vehicle that would allow for his daughter and him to escape Moscow altogether.

Peter, who didn't know how to clean his respirator's filters, and refused to allow Sasha to replace him on trips, would return from his ventures to the surface increasingly irradiated, and in the novel, he returns from his final trip, dying of radiation sickness and wounds inflicted by dogs. When he realizes that he is more sick than usual, he doesn't wake Sasha, as it seems that she is having a pleasant dream, and by the time he wishes to say his last goodbye to her, it is too late, as he is paralyzed.

Peter's dying dreams are dominated by his life as Station Master of Avtozavodskaya, from which he recounts his own history. He was a powerful military officer, the youngest such on the Metro line at 20 years old, who exerted his power by fulfilling his sexual lusts with many women who were willing to sleep with him, banishing his rivals for female attention from the station, but also discarding all of his girlfriends before he could develop emotional attachments. When he met Sasha's mother, she spurned his advances, which made him pursue her all the harder. By the time she eventually consented, he had fallen deeply in love with her. They married and Sasha was born a year later. Unfortunately, Sasha's mother died of tuberculosis when Sasha was only four years old. Later, Communist provocateurs stirred up Avtozavodskaya's people against him, and he found himself at the head of a machine gun line of loyal soldiers with barrels pointed at a mob of unarmed civilians. Rather than cling to power by executing the civilians, Peter ordered his men to stand down, and accepted banishment to the outpost station of Kolomenskaya.

Peter's name is not mentioned in the text until a banished romantic rival of his arrives at Kolomenskaya after his death to gloat over his corpse.