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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in The Two Colonels DLC for Metro Exodus.

Mikhail Petrovitch (Russian: Михаил Петрович) is a character who appears in Metro Exodus' The Two Colonels DLC. He is a resident of the Novosibirsk Metro, and a friend of Colonel Khlebnikov.


Petrovich is a family friend of the Khlebnikovs. He also has a sick granddaughter, forcing him to stockpile "green stuff".

The Two Colonels[]

Petrovich is first seen when he gives a ride to Khlebnikov to Krasny Prospekt. Kirill also mentions that Petrovich helped him fix the watch which he gives to his father as a present. Later, as OSKOM starts confiscating excess green stuff from citizens, an anonymous tip forces Khlebnikov and some OSKOM solders to search Petrovich's residence. They find a cache of green stuff, while Petrovich pleads with Khlebnikov to stop the search for the sake of his granddaughter, who needs the green stuff to survive. At this point, Khlebnikov can either comply with Petrovich's wishes, or resume the search.

If Khelbinkov shows mercy towards Petrovich, the latter will be grateful, and will greet the colonel before the Battle of Novosibirskaya to thank him once more, while his granddaughter will still be alive. It's unknown what becomes of Petrovich and his granddaughter at this point. They could have died when the poison gas was released, or boarded the evacuation train (though this isn't very likely, as the train was only evacuating the leadership). Even if they did board the train, General Vinogradov later orders the train destroyed, since they left without him, meaning that Petrovich and his granddaughter most likely perished, although their ultimate fates are unknown.

If Khlebnikov resumes the search, Petrovich will curse him for betraying their friendship and dooming his granddaughter. He is later seen right before the Battle of Novosibirskaya, and will coldly greet the colonel and taunt him, right before being executed.


  • Depending on the players choice, the watch Petrovich repairs for Kirill to gift to Colonel Khlebnikov will change appearance. If the player calls off the search, the watch will remain intact for the entire story, however if the search is resumed the watch will later be damaged, having a cracked face and scorch marks on it.