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Poleshayevskaya is a destroyed station from the Planernaya-Vyhino Line, and near to the "1905 Confederation". The station is mentioned by Pyotr Andreevich early in the novel, and very briefly in video game on the level Market. To find the conversation go to the start of the level, when the guards let you pass through after Bourbon talks with one of them, leave the room, then immediately return into the room. The guards will then begin to tell the story of the station. Later on into the level, a boy can be found talking to a beggar. The beggar will ask the boy to go get him a sandwich, and in return, he will tell the boy about what happened to the squad of veterans who returned to Poleshayevskaya.


At first, scouts from Poleshayevskaya disappeared after going one kilometer into the tunnel. Reinforcements tried to search for them but found nothing. A week later, a second scout group disappeared after going only half a kilometer in. The station took measures to protect itself by establishing a cordon at the three hundredth meter. Sandbags, machine guns and a spotlight were set up.

A runner was sent from Poleshayevskaya to Begovaya Station (from the "1905 Confederation") to alert them about the bizarre danger in the northern tunnels.

The council of Begovaya was still considering a response to the call for help when they received another scared and shocked runner from the station: the cordon was completely killed in silence, as if they had been butchered in their sleep. The council of Begovaya finally decided to send a large group of armed veterans, about a hundred men to Poleshayevskaya to solve the threat, but when the squadron reached the station, it was completely empty, not even corpses. While the entire station was drenched in blood. Nobody was able to know what happened there.

The veterans saw what the deal was and blew out the tunnel to Poleshayevskaya. Roughly forty meters of the tunnel collapsed so now the rest of the line is an abandoned dead zone isolated from the rest of the metro system. Nobody still knows what happened there, though a beggar found in the videogame's iteration of Riga gives the explanation that the people in the station had all killed each-other after a tunnel collapse.

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