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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

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He is not alone...He's not the last! I understand his excitement and his wish to immediately meet the others. To free them and wake them up...but...He has agreed to wait a bit longer. First he's going to try and help us. If we make it to the conference, the dark One will be able to open up the thoughts of Moskvin - or Korbut himself! Perhaps...make them stop this madness! This is our last chance.

— Level description

Polis is the twenty-ninth level in Metro: Last Light.


Polis is a non-combat level but it concludes the whole story of the game before The Battle for D6, revealing the plans of Moskvin to the others at the Polis Peace Conference.

Diary Entries[]

41. As you’re walking with Miller and the Baby Dark One, right after leaving the decontamination chamber, you will walk past a brown couch to your left; the note is on the couch.

Moral Points[]


Related Achievements/Trophies[]

LLR Achievement Revelation Icon.png Revelation Silver Trophy Icon.png / 25 Game points.png
Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One.


  • After the conference when Artyom enters the Automatic Train and sees Anna, the Baby Dark One will give a clue as to what ending you will receive, based on Moral Points.
    • If he says, "It will be bad for everyone if you lose? Then I have to save them, my family. You're good, Artyom.", you will recieve the C'est la Vie ending.
    • If he says, "It will be bad for everyone if you lose? Then I will ask for their help.", you will recieve the Redemption ending.
  • In the decontamination chamber, the Baby Dark One gives a wave to a Ranger outside the room. The Ranger gives a friendly salute in response. The Dark One then flails about in surprise when the decontamination gases are sprayed in the room.
  • Although the Reich is considered the smallest of the three major factions, they have the most supporters outside the Council Hall. A few rangers can be found there also. Furthermore, the reason, why there are so few Red Line supporters is likely that most of them have been mobilized for the invasion of D6.
  • There are many flags and supporters for the Reich and the Redline, but there are no Hansa flags or any Hansa supporters, unless they are represented by the civilians.