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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

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The Polis Peace Conference' was a meeting between the Red Line's Secretary Moskvin, the leader of Hansa, the Führer of the Fourth Reich, and Polis, overseen by Miller's Rangers in Polis, in Metro: Last Light.


Organised by the leaders of the factions to put an end to hostilities in the Metro, this peace conference was for the factions to agree to work together co-operatively, with the supplies in D6, so that the Metro would survive.

However, unbeknownst to the other leaders, Secretary Moskvin only attended in an attempt to draw the Rangers away from D6, while General Korbut attacked D6 with his troops to steal the bioweapons there. But his plans were thwarted when the Baby Dark One, along with ArtyomKhan, and a wary Miller, made Moskvin unconsciously talk about his memories - Korbut had manipulated Moskvin into killing his brother, taking control of the Red Line and letting Korbut attack D6. Faced with the other angry leaders, Moskvin stormed away from the proceedings. It's unknown what happened to him after that, but it can be assumed he either remained the leader of the Red Line, now free from Korbut's corrupting influence, or was tried for war crimes, depending on what ending the player had.

In either case, the Rangers rush to D6 on the Metro 2 line to defend it to the death. This is the last time Artyom sees Anna before the battle, or at all, depending on the ending.

It's also of note that the Führer officially announces an end to his plan to invade D6, Operation: El Dorado, showing that perhaps, if it were not for Moskvin and Korbut, peace could have actually come to the Metro. It's possible, with the defeat of Korbut at D6, peace may yet come to the Metro, though with or without the Rangers will depend on what ending is made canonical.