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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Pravoberezhnaya Line (Russian: Правобережная линия, literally "Right-Bank Line") is Line 4 of the St. Petersburg Metro.


Pravoberezhnaya Line is 11.2 km long (making it the shortest line in the Metro) and has 8 stations. It runs from the city centre eastwards, before cutting south.


  • Market stations logo.png Spasskaya - Western terminal station controlled by the Market Stations
  • Prymorsky logo.png Dostoyevskaya - Station controlled by the Seaside Alliance
  • Station Smallicon Abandoned.png Ligovsky Prospekt - Abandoned Station
  • Vegan logo.png Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo II - Station controlled by the Vegan Empire
  • Okerville logo.png Novocherkasskaya - Station controlled by Okerville
  • Okerville logo.png Ladozhskaya - Station controlled by Okerville
  • Okerville logo.png Prospekt Bolshevikov - Station controlled by Okerville
  • Happy village logo.png Ulitsa Dybenko - Southern terminal station known for its production of hallucinogenic mushrooms, nicknamed "Happy Village"