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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

The tunnel grew colder--Miller and I were close to the surface now. Soon we'd climb up into the howling wind, to find our way through whatever nightmares were waiting there. My long journey was nearly at the end. but would I have the courage... the will to see it through?

— Level description

Prologue is a short stage which serves as both a tutorial and a primer for the game. It's the first level of the Metro 2033 story, taking place after Artyom and Miller leave D6 to head towards the surface with the missile guidance system.


The level begins with Artyom and Miller making their way to the surface. After three watchers ambush Miller and Artyom, they continue up to the surface and meet up with the other Rangers sent to meet them. The squad is attacked by a huge horde of watchers and is faced with defending themselves for several minutes. Regardless of his health, Artyom is knocked down as all of the Rangers, excluding Miller and Artyom, are killed. As Artyom is about to be attacked by a demon, the level ends, and the player is forced to begin the game at the start of the plot, eight days prior to these events.


  • Once the Rangers arrive and if Artyom tries to run to the Tower, he will be killed instantly, even if no watchers are actually attacking him.
  • The first gun to be seen in this level is the Kalash 2012, but the player needs to find ammo for it whilst they are still in the tutorial stage of the level.
    • The player also has the chance to obtain the standard Kalash before entering combat, but not in the redux version of the game.