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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light Redux video game.

Published is an achievement/trophy in Metro Last Light and Metro Last Light Redux.


This achievement requires the player to find and collect all 43 pages of Artyom's Journal. This can be completed through chapter select, but a list of the pages left to collect can only be seen in the pause menu of levels. A complete list of all 43 is found below.

Locations of Diary Pages[]


1. In the level Sparta, right after talking to Miller, it is on a chair just to the right on the elevator.


2. In the level Ashes, before climbing the ladder with Anna head to the right and burn the spider webs with the lighter, it is on the ground in the back right corner.


3. In the level Pavel, after climbing out of the pipe and gaining the throwing knives head opposite the body, the note is on the boxes.


4. In the level Reich, as soon as the mission starts, it is on a table at the base of the escalators.


5. In the level Separation, after the door opens and two guards come out to look for you there is a little guard room in the center of the room, on the computer panels is the note.

6. During the same mission you will open a door and there will be a soldier who surrenders, the note is on the table to the left just inside the room.


7. In the level Facility, you will come to a large room with a number of soldiers and some waterway tunnels at the bottom; the note is on the other side of the room, up the stairs and in a little room to the left on a table.


8. In the level Torchlight, after climbing on top of the train, Pavel will save you, the note is right in front of you to the right on the ground.

9. You will come to a section where Pavel asks you to follow the electrical wires to charge up the box, follow the path until you come to a door, take the path to the right follow the path a short ways and there will be a little room to your left, the note is on the dead body.


10. In the level Echoes, as soon as the next section starts, it is on the bar to your left.

11. Before reaching the cockpit of the plane, the page is lying in a compartment on your right.


12. In the level Bolshoi, after passing through the checkpoint with the two men, on the shelf to your left.

13. After leaving the marketplace and heading left, on the bench to your left.


14. In the level Revolution, after heading through the metal detectors and heading downstairs, head into the left room, it is on the desk.

15. After entering the large room with a large number of guys stay to the right and you will climb along some boxes and drop into a tunnel, there will be another door there, go through it and head to the right, it is on a shelf hanging on the wall in a little room on the right.

16. It is on the desk right next to the switch you have to pull to deactivate the fan, up top.

17. After climbing through the fan, climb down the ladder and there will be a desk in front of you, the note's on the desk.


18. In the level Regina, after you start pushing the train car with Regina, you will come to a door way on your right that has some green glowing mushrooms and water on the floor, the note is at the back of the room on a dead body.


19. In the level Bandits, after saving the tied up guy pass through the radiation and there will be a bathroom on your right, the note is on the floor in the stall.

20. You will come to a split, where the right path is lit with torches and there is a skull above, go through the door down there and follow the path around until you come to a guy tied up, the note is on the table behind him.

Dark Water[]

21. In the level Dark Water, as soon as you start the chapter it is on the boat right in front of you.


22. In the level Venice, follow the bald guy who talks to you after you get off the boat, he will walk back to his desk; the note is just to the left of his desk.

23. In the bottom floor of the strip club, it is on top of the tank.


24. In the level Sundown, in the middle of the area there will be a huge tanker, behind the tank is a building, inside the building and to the right is a desk, the note is on top.


25. In the level Nightfall, as soon as you get off the raft there will be a two story broken building in front of you, the note is on top in the far left path on the floor.


26. In the level Contagion, after they start burning everything you will come to an area where you have to head up to the second floor so you can drop down behind a locked gate, the note Is at the end of the train car on the desk.


27. in the level Quarantine, after being locked in a sealed room with two guys talking for a little while, head around the desk and to the right, the note is on the desk.

28. Khan will approach a door on the left that he will try to get you through, instead head right and the collectible is on a bench.


29. In the level Khan, as you are following Khan you will come to a point where he starts staring up at the ceiling, there is a little walkway you can cross over, instead head into the room in front of you and around, the note is on the floor.

The Chase[]

30. In the level Chase, after you get on the train you will come to a train car with some crates with blue tarps over them, the collectible is on top of the right one, you have to walk right past it to continue through the level.

The Crossing[]

31. In the level The Crossing, after walking across the ice and past the billboard you will be underneath the bridge, instead of heading up the stairs to your left, head to the right towards the far pillar under the bridge and the note is on the ground by a dead body. It is near the dead Demon.

32. As you are on the ice again you will come to a ship, the note is at the top of the ship, front, the note is on the ground by the dead body.


33. In the level Bridge, while crossing the bridge you will see some escalators in front of you, before heading to them there will be a room on your left next to a oil drum fire, the note is on the desk in the room.


34. In the level Depot, the little Dark One will be behind some bars talking to you. After he is done, head through the door to the right and into the first room on your left, a bathroom, and head through a small path in the back left corner. The note is on the ground.

The Dead City[]

35. In the level Dead City, going through the Dead City you will have to enter a building and there will be a door you will open with a red table inside it, the note is behind it on a desk.

36. Further on in Dead City you will have to climb a ladder to get to a roof with a demon on top of it, the note is on the nest she is sitting on, shoot at her to get her to fly away.

Red Square[]

37. In the level Red Square, as soon as you start Red Square, a couple steps in front of you and on the left there will be a little ledge with the note on it.

38. Further on in the level you will drop into an area with a bunch of stone pillars, immediately head to your left and you will see a small opening on your left, follow the path down and you will come to a room with a coffin in the center, the note is on the floor in front of it.

The Garden[]

39. In the level The Garden, once you crawl under a tree and see a load of bears in front of you, there will be a dead body on the ground slightly to your left; the note is by the body.

40. After you fight the bear, you will have to walk up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs on the railing to the left is the note.


41. In the level Polis, as you are walking with Miller and the Dark One, you will walk right past a brown couch on your left, the note is on the couch.


42. In the level D6, after getting off the train Miller will make a speech, when he is done the note is on the right on the table with the radio.

43. Towards the end of the last stand there will be a platform behind you that you can climb up to, over the ledge, the note is in front of the ammo box.