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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

The pieces of the puzzle are falling together, and the big picture is horrifying and unbelievable. I will tell the other about this, but I still can't make myself believe it. The Reds have infected Oktyabrskaya, a peaceful station, denizens of which never suspected anything, with an unknown deadly virus. And then their mop-up squads entered it under the pretense of saving the station from the epidemic and eliminated everyone they could - women, children, old people, to prevent the infection from spreading...and if all this is, then me and Anna could be infected, too. We've been saved from being killed, but we don't know if we're going to survive for long.

— Level description

Quarantine is the twenty-first level in Metro: Last Light.

Diary Entries[]

27. After being locked in a sealed room where a doctor explains to a soldier that the virus is a bioweapon, head around the desk and to the right, the note is on the desk.

28. After meeting Khan, he will go left toward a door to the armory to negotiate passage, instead head right and get the note from a bench.

Moral Points[]


  • In the first section, listen the whole three-way conversation of sick father and daughter, pacing doctor and yellow suit masked guard next to the stairs, and a doctor talking to a soldier who got infected trying to comfort the infected children.
  • In next section, listen the whole four conversations of amputated doctor with a girl, a doctor with a soldier checking a dead body near the record player, two doctors in confined area with a patient being scanned, and a man on a gurney talking to a doctor about going home because he is sure that he only has a cold (this conversation will only start after the conversation between a doctor and a colonel from decontamination room finishes).
  • Pick up the four MGR stashes in the abandoned part of the station. There are actually five MGR stashes, but only four are needed. The first is hidden behind the door where Artyom initially enters and can only be claimed once he proceeds down the stairs and the door closes. The second one is in a train car window behind the sink with quarantine skull sign. The third is in a train car window at the left of path before the beginning of long corridor with some fire barrels. The fourth is in a broken window on the right side of the long corridor, near where you first start heading down it. The last one is in the window on the right side of the beginning of long corridor section with growing mushrooms. Finding all four will also get you the "Forgotten" achievement/trophy.
  • After meeting up with Khan there is a man asking the guard to let him go inside the quarantine zone and retrieve some insulin. After he is refused, go up to him and he should ask you for help. Give him the bullets to earn a point.
  • In the last section, listen the whole four conversations of a ranger and a hansa commander talking about the Reds attack (this conversation will only start after the conversation of insulin guy and the guard finishes), a refugee who is struggling to get through the hansa station due to lack of papers, a hansa sergeant and a worker talking about the quarantine near the second diary note location, and the three hansa soldiers in armory gathered around a desk with a lamp discussing the Polis rangers (this conversation will only start after Khan finishes talking about stocking up filters and ammo).


  • In the English version of the level, numerous untranslated, unsubtitled lines can be heard; the first instance is a woman praying over her husband, and the others are several overlapping lines spoken by refugees just as one of them is shot for approaching the gates of the quarantine zone. 
  • Ghostly whispers can be heard by standing at the quarantine fence across from the sealed door at the start of the abandoned section, near the water fountains. 


MLL Forgotten Ach.jpg Forgotten Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points.png
Find the Hidden Ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level