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This classic pre-war light machine gun has a great range and is very precise, at the same time being able to handle long bursts.In-game description

Kalashnikov RPK-74 (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova or Kalashnikov hand-held machinegun), known in-game simply as the RPK, is a squad automatic weapon version of the baseline AK-74. This classic pre-war machine gun has a great range and is very accurate, while at the same time being able to handle long bursts. The first one can be found in D6 at the shooting range, but becomes unavailable in shops until Artyom reaches Venice. It has a large magazine capable of holding 45 rounds (100 with extended magazines) and its accuracy can be compared to an improved Kalash, albeit with a slightly lower rate of fire.


The RPK is a solid choice if exploring the surface or going against mutants that need some serious firepower to take down. The addition of a drum magazine, a reflex sight and the laser sight makes this a well balanced and accurate firearm that will serve well in tough firefights against soldiers and mutants, allowing for long bursts of accurate firepower when needed.

One of the gun's downsides, being an accurate weapon with a large ammo capacity, is that its rate of fire is slower than that of other automatic weapons such as the Kalash, Bastard, or the Kalash 2012, meaning Artyom can be easily outgunned in close quarters. If he shoots first or takes his opponents by surprise, however, he may stand a good chance of winning. Despite its accuracy, the recoil of the RPK will cause the gun to raise up slightly when firing consistently. This low rate of fire allows for more controllable recoil during automatic fire. The RPK cannot have a suppressor attached, reducing its stealth capability.

It takes longer to aim with the sights and it has a slower reload speed than most weapons. This makes the weapon ineffective for close quarters combat in the Metro's corridors in most circumstances. It is lethal versus opponents forced to approach the user down a long narrow corridor or opening with a clear line of sight.

The RPK is more practical as a support weapon rather than an assault rifle, meaning the wielder can start shooting while the enemy is at mid-range as the RPK has a good accuracy compared to faster-firing weapons. Since the RPK has a lower rate of fire, the enemy may have the opportunity to deliver the first strike if they are too close.

The RPK is one of the most powerful fully automatic weapons in the game and can stagger mutants such as nosalises and lurkers, making it a useful addition to Artyom's arsenal if he is going up against them, both in the Metro or on the surface. This weapon also has several customisation options that can make it even more versatile.

Upgrades and Customisation

The RPK has the same set of upgrades as other Kalash-pattern weapons, minus the silencer. However, it has a better magazine upgrade, the Drum magazine, which increases its magazine capacity to 100 rounds, one of the highest in the game, surpassed only by the Gatling. The addition of a drum magazine has no effect on the reload speed.

Available attachments
Slot Icon Name Effect Description
LL Optics Upgrade Slot.png
LL Reflex Sight Upgrade.png Reflex sight Range +25%
Accuracy +25%
This pre-war sight makes aiming the gun at close and medium range easier, without sacrificing much of the field of view.
LL x2 Sight Upgrade.png 2x sight Range +50%
Accuracy +25%
This pre-war optical sight facilitates weapon aiming at medium range but limits the field of view, making it hard to use in the confines of tunnels.
LL NV Sight Upgrade.png IR sight Range +50%
Accuracy +25%
A piece of pre-war military tech, this Night Vision sight allows for precisely hitting targets in the dark.
LL Extra Upgrade Slot.png
LL Extended Mag Upgrade.png Drum magazine Mag capacity +130% (Calculated it's ~122.23%) Holds much more ammo than the regular magazine, allowing for longer sustained fire.
LL Laser Upgrade.png Laser sight Accuracy +25% A pre-war laser sight facilitates aiming the weapon at close range, making precise snapshots easy to achieve.


Metro Last Light Weapons (RPK-74 light machine gun)
Metro Last Light Weapons (RPK-74 light machine gun)
RPK-74 variants in Metro: Last Light

The RPK can only be acquired if preordered from Gamestop and in certain countries, or by downloading the RPK DLC. In Metro: Last Light Redux, the RPK-74 is one of the standard weapons that is availiable to anyone.

If the aforementioned conditions are met:

  • One can be obtained from the Ranger armoury during the first level, along with the attachment chosen. If playing on Ranger difficulty the RPK-74 will be kept after Artyom's capture by Nazis. He will reacquire this weapon once he retrieves his gear.
  • One can be obtained near the end of Pavel - it is on a box right before the lever Artyom needs to push to progress. This will be the only RPK-74 found until mid-game, so do not miss if wanted. (Removed in Metro: Last Light Redux)
  • One can be bought from the trader in Venice.
  • One can be found in Nightfall - on a table in the small ranger house at the beginning of the level.
  • One can be bought from the trader at the beginning of Undercity, drum magazine attachment is available in this level also.
  • One can be bought from the trader in Depot.
  • One can be obtained from the Ranger armoury during the last level.


  • The RPK is the only 5.45mm weapon in the game known to stagger mutants.
  • The bipod on the RPK is always folded in-game and cannot be used.
  • The 100 round drum magazine used by RPK-74 in real life is actually made of plastic rather than metal. With a proper feed device, the RPK-74 also accepts a loose ammo belt.
  • No soldiers in the main game are armed with this weapon, only some Reich soldiers in the level Red Line Sniper in the Faction Pack DLC are armed with this weapon.
  • The glow sights appear to be purely cosmetic and do not actually glow in the dark.
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