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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.


I know only one way into Polis from here - through the Red Square. The Order keeps an outpost in the Saint Basil's Cathedral. I'll get in touch with our men and tell them all I know. And my goal would be just a step away from there. It will all be over soon.

— Level description

Red Square is the twenty-seventh level in Metro: Last Light.

Diary Entries[]

37. As soon as you start the level, a couple steps in front of you and on the left there will be a little ledge with the note on it.

38. Further on in the level you will drop into an area with a bunch of stone pillars, immediately head to your left and you will see a small opening on your left, follow the path down and you will enter Lenin's Mausoleum, complete with the glass coffin. The diary is on the ground at the floor of the coffin.

Moral Points[]


  • At the beginning of the level when the Watchmen are growling from atop St. Basil's Cathedral, do not shoot at them. The point is earned as they begin to go inside.
  • After the aforementioned watchmen leave, climb the staircase into the St. Basil's Cathedral to an area full of skeletons, bodies, and some supplies to earn another point.
  • While following the little Dark One through the storm, Artyom will come across a watchman kneeling over a skeleton. The little Dark One will say that he is simply afraid. Leaving him be will earn a point as soon as Artyom enters the next area. Approaching the watchman too closely will cause him to attack and forfeit the point.
  • In the ruined sewer area, a group of three watchmen will slowly approach, but again the little Dark One says they will not attack unless provoked. Leaving them be will earn another point.
  • In the same area, you can see a corpse down a hole. Reach it to gain another point, but taking too much time will cause the watchmen to attack (not available in Metro: Last Light Redux).
  • Save Pavel from the damned souls. The little Dark One will then remark that now he understands what forgiveness is.


  • Shoot the watchmen on the St. Basil's Cathedral or approaching the St. Basil's Cathedral's staircase before the watchmen go away. However, if you lost moral point from approaching the staircase but did not shoot the watchmen, after going down the ledge into next area, the moral point for not shooting the watchmen will trigger.
  • Kill the watchmen kneeling over a skeleton.
  • Approaching or attacking the watchmen pack in the ruined sewer area.
  • Leaving Pavel behind with the damned souls causes you to lose a point. The little Dark One will tell you that he will remember that you could not forgive.


  • The room where the second diary entry can be found is actually the Tomb of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. What appears to be Lenin's corpse can be found in the coffin, but it has the model of a random corpse.
  • This level is the first and only one to feature the Damned Souls.
  • With some luck, it's possible to loot a unique Kalash from one of the communist soldiers on the second floor. What is unique about this weapon is that the laser sight is green instead of red.
  • If Artyom fails to follow or stay close to the Dark One during a storm sequence, he will die from the radioactive rain in seconds, leaving no time for him to recover.


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Kill Pavel