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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

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Phials with Renergan-F and applying instruments for the drug, stored in a metal container

Renergan-F is a cutting-edge drug developed to cure gas poisoning and other types of general poisoning, which was introduced during the outbreak of war. The drug is a focus point in the mission to Novosibirsk to save Anna from the potentially fatal consequences of her failing respiratory system.

Metro Exodus[]

The drug was first mentioned by Katya after Anna showed signs of a serious respiratory illness, caused by the exposure to poisonous gas in the ammo dump at Volga. After realizing that the fresh air and others antibiotics the Spartans had at their disposal were unable to cure Anna's condition, Miller and Artyom went to Novosibirsk to get the drug.

According to a video presentation in the Institute of Novosibirsk, this drug provides rapid recovery from vesicant agent and ensures the repair of damaged tissue, especially lung tissue. A total treatment ensures full recovery for the 60 % of patients, even in the worst case of vesicant exposure, and at least partial improvement of one's condition for all treated patients.

Artyom managed to locate a container of the drug while being chased by Blind Ones through the Institute of Novosibirsk. After securing the container, Artyom passed out from radiation sickness, Miller carried the container and Artyom to the van and drove to the meeting point with the Spartans. Unfortunately, Miller didn't survive until the Aurora arrived as he succumbed to the radiation poisoning.


  • The inscription on the Renergan-F's container says "Nauchno-issledovateľskij institut ekstremaľnoj mediciny" (Научно-исследовательский институт экстремальнoй медицины), which translates to "Research Institute of Extreme Medicine". This might be the division of Akademgorodok Institute responsible for developing the drug.
  • Other symbols on the container suggest the contents is fragile (as the drug is stored in glass vials) and must not come to contact with water.
  • It's fortunate for Anna and the rest of the Aurora crew that, while drugs and medicine do have expiration dates, most of them are still effective even decades after they have "expired". This seems true of the Renergan-F drug too.