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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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Riga Station was only my first stop on my journey, but the caravan went no further. So, before parting ways, we drank to celebrate our survival. The vodka didn't drown my fear of travelling on to Polis alone. But I was about to find myself with an unexpected and notorious partner.

— Level description

Riga is the second closest Metro station to Exhibition after Alexeyevskaya and the first one Artyom travels to. Riga is on security lockdown when the player first gets there due to a recent Anomaly and bandits in the tunnels nearby.


Riga is a very weathered and tarnished settlement. Many of its citizens seem to have little to nothing. It has a small market with a few shops, a bar, and a small open barrack where people most likely sleep. It is, in essence, an underground slum. There are people begging Artyom for the MGRs, he can give them out if he wants, but he will only gain the Positive Moral Point once.

Artyom encounters a young boy, willing to take you to see Bourbon for 1 MGR. If the player accepts, he leads Artyom to Bourbon, and the player obtains a Positive Moral Point. If he refuses, the player obtains a Negative Moral Point upon sitting down with Bourbon, however before this, the player can still return to ask the boy to lead him to Bourbon.

Nikki is also encountered here. She is a prostitute who offers herself to Artyom for one bullet. If the player accepts, she leads him back to her shack, where she tells Artyom to close his eyes. When Artyom opens them, a large man punches him in the face and steals all of his MGR.


  • A glitch may occur after the player agrees when Bourbon asks if he is ready. When Bourbon walks away with the player very close behind him, the "talk icon" may appear. When clicked, Bourbon will repeat his question "Are you ready?". However, this time the player cannot answer and causes a bug: the player can only look 45 degrees left and right from where Bourbon is. Although the player can follow Bourbon to the next checkpoint, he might be unable to collect all hidden MGR.
  • It's advised not to upgrade your Revolver at the store - you find a Revolver with an extended barrel attachment at the end of "Lost Tunnel" anyway.
  • Telling Bourbon you are ready to leave will start "Lost Tunnel", locking you out of the shops and often leaving you strapped for ammo.
  • In Metro 2033 Redux, you can't buy filters, but they are visible on the shop

Easter Eggs[]

There is a guard at Riga, who breaks the fourth wall by offering to grant three wishes, if you try to talk to him enough times. There is also a beggar who says "May the force be with you..." (A reference to Star Wars) should you give him a bullet.

Related Achievements[]

Ach-Generous.jpg Generous 10 Game points.png
Help the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.

Ach-Realist2.jpg Realist 10 Game points.png
A coin for a hungry kid? Get a job.

Ach-Sher.jpg Sherlock 20 Game points.png
Found all MGR ammo, hidden throughout stations.