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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Robin Hood is an achievement in Metro Exodus.


The achievement is obtained for killing 30 enemies using the Helsing. This weapon is obtained at the beginning of The Taiga. Compared to the other exotic weapon, the Tikhar, Helsing has noticeably higher damage per shot, killing most unarmored humans with a single hit. It is also fairly silent, so the player can perform the kills while remaining undetected.

However, if the player wants to receive the good ending, they should avoid killing too many Children of the Forest, who are the most numerous faction in the level. Bandits and Pirates (one of the "sub-factions" of Children of the Forest that are first encountered at the beginning of the level and later, the player needs to steal a boat from their base) can be killed with no penalty at all though, so there should be enough enemies in the level to get this achievement even when going for the good ending. There are also mutants both in this level and the next one, the Dead City, but the Helsing is not nearly as effective against mutants as it is against humans, unless the player is using explosive bolts.