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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

Parting with my friends was hard... But for them, the Colonel's death signaled the end of their journey and the beginning of a new life on the shores of Lake Baikal. For me, the loss became a threshold. Between the Order and my own life. Between duty and my dream to see Dad again. And, like Artyom before, I chose to pursue my wild dream.


Sam's Story is a story DLC for Metro Exodus. It takes place after the events of Metro Exodus and follows the story of Sam as he explores the tsunami-ravaged ruins of Vladivostok in hopes of finding a way to return to the United States and reunite with his family.


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Sam's Story picks up after the ending of Exodus. After reaching Lake Baikal, Sam decides to part ways with his companions, reasoning that while Miller's death marked the end of their journey, his was still incomplete, as he never stopped longing for his home and to see his father again. While he admits that parting with his friends was hard, he is nonetheless determined to find a way back to the United States. With this in mind, he sets off east in Saul's van, following the Trans-Siberian Railway. The van breaks down half-way through the journey, forcing Sam to seek an alternative mode of transportation, which he finds in an abandoned tractor. With it, he finally reaches Vladivostok.


Upon reaching Vladivostok, Sam abandons the tractor because of damage to the roads leading into the city making them impassable by vehicle. Hearing gunfire coming from an abandoned tram station, Sam investigates it. There he finds a group of bandits trying to capture Eduard Baranov, and helps him defeat the bandits. Sam then meets Baranov on the roof of the building, who after a brief confrontation tells Sam about the city, and that his best hope of getting back to the United States is a nuclear submarine that is sitting in a nearby dock.

They are interrupted when Baranov hears Seraph, an infamous batwing feared across the city, approaching. The pair then attempt to leave the area by zip lining to the lower tram station, but while Baranov successfully reaches the other station, Seraph attacks Sam midair, stranding him on a concrete support from the collapsed tram line. Sam is then forced to fight Seraphim, shooting it while trying to avoid its attacks and the swarms of smaller bats accompanying it.

After Seraph knocks him from the support during their fight, Sam loses his weapons and heads on foot into the tram station. He is then attacked by a group of men armed with wooden clubs and a single stun gun. After fighting them and being overwhelmed by the men, he is knocked out and later wakes up on a motorboat. One of the men then asks him if he is American, which he confirms. The man then uses a radio to call his boss, who is also American, to tell him one of his countrymen is in the city.

The boss then orders the group to take Sam directly to the submarine dock, as he wants to meet him. Arriving at the dock the boss, Tom, introduces himself to Sam. Pleased to meet another American after twenty three years, Tom invites Sam onto the submarine, renamed the USS Mayflower, to meet his second in command Klim, and ask for his help. Tom explains his plans for the submarine, to use its unlaunched nuclear missiles to re-establish civilisation by force, and how the submarine was disabled by its captain and several officers who then fled into the ruins of Vladivostok. While Klim's men are searching for the other officers, Tom wants Sam's help to negotiate with the captain, Eduard Baranov, who's the only officer Tom knows for certain is still alive.

Sam agrees to track down Baranov in exchange for a ride to San Diego once the submarine is repaired, and sets off into the ruined city. He then finds the Captain in a ruined apartment building, which has been overrun with humanimals that were displaced by bandits organising a movie screening for their gang bosses in a nearby building. Sam saves Baranov from the humanimals, who dislocated his leg, and they set off aboard a bus converted into a barge. The pair are then attacked by Korzh, the leader of a local group of former bandits turned Shrimp trappers. After defeating Korzh's group and dealing with him, they continue to Baranov's backup base.

At the base, Sam helps the Captain set his dislocated leg, and Sam convinces Baranov to negotiate with Tom to repair the submarine. Tom and Baranov reach an agreement, with Tom getting rid of Klim before leaving Vladivostok and giving Baranov the settlement at the submarine dock with anyone who doesn't want to join Tom aboard the submarine. The pair then spend the night drinking and sharing stories about their pasts, waiting out a storm before holding up their end of the bargain.

After waking up the next morning, Baranov explains his plan to Sam. The nuclear control rods needed to repair the submarine are in a bunker beneath a Russian Navy command building. However the bunker is radioactive, and Baranov asks Sam to search a fire depot in the city's upper marsh that had hazmat suits in case of a fire aboard a nuclear submarine.

Sam sets off through Vladivostok's lower marsh, where he's attacked by Seraph in a auto wreckers yard. Driving it off again, he reaches the upper marsh through a construction site, being forced to rely on a gas mask because of the smoke in the air. While in the upper marsh Sam potentially finds the officers who assisted the Captain in disabling the submarine, killed by bandits allied with Klim, and informs Baranov of their fate.

Reaching the fire depot, Sam enters the building and finds the suits on the upper level. However, bandits occupying the depot realise Sam is in the building and attempt to trap him in the store room. Sam escapes the building through the roof, and zip lines away from the depot into a area near the bunker. While heading towards the bunker, Sam is attacked by Seraph for a third time, and finally kills it. Heading to the bunker, Sam radios the Captain and tells him to meet him near the bunker.

After retrieving the nuclear control rods, the pair set off for the dock, after Baranov makes modifications to the rods. Baranov explains his plan to Sam shortly before entering, that one of the rods is rigged with a bomb, powerful enough to disable the submarine but not enough to cause the reactor to go nuclear. He then gives Sam the detonator, reasoning that while he will be searched, as Tom's negotiator Sam won't be. Shortly after meeting Tom, Klim starts a coup against Tom, knowing that his removal was part of the deal with the Captain. Sam suggests to Tom that he could sneak out and attempt to open the dry dock gates so that the submarine can leave.

After sneaking or fighting his way through the docks, Sam reaches the dry dock control room, and confronts Klim there. Sam attempts to arrest Klim, but Klim stabs him and attempts to kill him, but is saved by the submarine ramming through the partially opened dry docks which knocks Klim away from him and shatters the control room windows. Sam then stabs Klim in the neck with a piece of broken glass, killing him.

Sam then limps along the opening dry dock gates, attempting to reach the submarine before it gets to far out to sea. The Captain then radios him, telling him that he's locked everyone in the control room and to detonate the bomb, while Tom radios him asking what the meaning of Baranov's actions.


There are two endings for Sam's Story, depending on whether or not Sam decides to blow up the nuclear submarine.

  • Tom's Ending: Sam decides not to blow up the submarine. Tom lets Sam on board, treats his wounds, and takes him to San Francisco. Sam then travels to San Diego as promised to get his father.
  • The Captain's Ending: Sam is persuaded by the Captain to blow up the submarine to prevent Tom from gaining access to its nukes and potentially causing another nuclear war. Sam loses his means to reach the US, but does not give up and tries to find another way.

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New Weapons[]


In Sam's Story, there are a total of 11 diary notes and 9 harmonica melodies that can be collected. Since this DLC is more open in design, these collectables can be picked up in more-or-less any order, although it is still more convenient to collect them in the order presented.


  • Note to Korzh - Found in the first building Sam comes across after leaving the sub. After disembarking from the motorboat, go up stairs. Not far from the staircase you should find a corpse with a note next to it.
  • Absence Note - Found in the primary school on the other side of the flooded square from the cinema where a bandit group is stationed. There is a classroom right next to the barricaded staircase. The note will be sitting on the desk right next to the entrance.
  • Survivor's Note - Found in the building where the Captain is fighting off humanimals. Right before you slide down the pipe, check the window next to it. The note should be there.
  • A Note from Korzh - After the Captain and Sam come under sniper fire, you will have to go through a half-flooded building right after you disembark. After you climb a ladder, the note will be sitting on a sofa to your right.
  • Company Charter - To obtain this note, you must first interact with two feuding brothers. One can be found on a ship docked in front of the junkyard where you fight the Seraph, and the other in a building behind the junkyard. After you have obtained both halves of the safe code, go to their auto saloon (which is right next to the junkyard) and get the note from the safe.
  • Engineer's Note - After you go through a lurker-infested minefield, you will have to climb a ladder into a building. The note is located on a safe to your immediate right after you climb into the building.
  • A Note from the Boss - After you've raised the gate and sailed into the toxic fog, go to the worm infested building (it should be the first building you come across). The note will be sitting on a crate that you will come across as soon as you disembark.
  • Tail's Diary - After you leave the worm-infested building, there will be a ship to your right with a glowing pharmacy sign. On the ship, climb upstairs and find the note on a table next to the causeway (there will also be a guitar next to it).
  • A Guard's Journal - Found in a bus after you exit the toxic cloud, right across from the workbench. Be sure to grab this note and all the previous ones before you go into the fire station, as you won't be able to come back for them.
  • Boss' Notice - As soon as you get the suits in the fire station, head upstairs. The note will be on a desk right in front of you as you exit the staircase. Be sure to grab this note before you zipline away, as you won't be able to come back for it.
  • Seryi's Note - After you zipline from the fire station, go inside the ruined house. The note will be on a dresser left of the workbench. Be sure to grab it as soon as you jump off the zipline, as you won't be able to come back for it later.

Harmonica Melodies[]

  • Melody 1 - Found inside the primary school, in the same classroom where you find the "Absence note". The melody is pinned on a wall next to the piano.
  • Melody 2 - Upon approaching the cinema across from the school, you may notice a plank in the left corner spread across two windows. Climb upstairs and search for the left side window, and cross the plank to the other window when you find it. The melody is pinned on a notice board next to some balalaikas.
  • Melody 3 - After you eliminate Korzh, head downstairs, but before you board the Captain's boat, go to the end of the dock where there will be a door. Once you enter, you should see the melody pinned on a cupboard right in front of you.
  • Melody 4 - After you get drunk with the captain, go two floors down (from the rooftop), then enter a hallway, take a second right (you can place a trap here), and go through a hole in the wall to your left, then, search for a piano. The note will be pinned on a column right next to it.
  • Melody 5 - At the building where the two scouts are, the note is pinned right next to the workbench.
  • Melody 6 - Found inside the Brothers' car saloon. After going through the garage, go into the kitchen through the door left of the exit. The melody is pinned next to the door.
  • Melody 7 - After going across a minefield and climbing a ladder, run to the end of the hallway and go through a door to your left. The melody will be pinned to your immediate right as soon as you open the door.
  • Melody 8 - On the same ship where you can find Tail's diary, go upstairs and across the causeway. The melody will be pinned on the porta potty.
  • Melody 9 - Pinned on a trailer across from the bus where you can find "A guard's journal".