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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

This weapon was custom-built using Kalash as a base, its extensive modifications aimed at increasing the weapon's combat efficiency. Featuring a three-round burst-fire mode in its primary configuration, it is also capable of firing incendiary ammunition, which is especially effective against certain kinds of mutants.

— In-game description

The Sammy is an assault rifle created by survivors in Vladivostok. It's one of the new weapons in Sam's Story, a story DLC for Metro Exodus.


Created after World War III by gunsmiths in Vladivostok, the Sammy is a Kalash rifle modified to use incendiary rounds that were also developed in Vladivostok. To prevent people using these rounds in regular Kalashs, and ruining them trying to fire the hotter ammo load, Sammys were designed to use a different magazine to the standard rifle.

This weapon is first given to Sam by Danila, after meeting Tom on USS Mayflower.

In comparison to the regular Kalash, Sammy has higher base stability, deals the same amount of damage when using regular ammo but has lower accuracy and rate of fire. One area where the two weapons differ dramatically is the upgrade system. Whereas the Kalash always remains a fully automatic assault rifle/light machine gun, the Sammy can be converted to a true marksman rifle or to a short-range weapon with high rate of fire and magazine capacity, similar to a submachine gun.

One should keep in mind that, unlike the Kalash, the Sammy does not have access to a suppressor, thus making it impractical for stealth.

Variants and Customization[]

The Sammy has five upgrade slots, with three options available for each one of them. One feature unique to the Sammy compared to other assault rifles is that upgrading the barrel also changes the firing mechanism, allowing the user to either fire in full auto, three-round bursts or semi-automatic.

List of upgrades
Slot Icon Name Effect Description
Upgrade Stock Icon.png
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Balanced Stock.png Balanced stock None (default) Balanced metal grip and stock, assuring equally good recoil control and aim steadiness.
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Sniper Stock.png Sniper stock Accuracy +1
Stability -2
Light grip and stock. The best possible aim steadiness at the price of decreased recoil control. Perfect choice for long-range shots.
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Heavy Stock.png Heavy stock Stability +1 Heavy wooden grip and stock for better recoil control. Significantly increase weapon stability at the cost of aim steadiness.
Upgrade Mechanism Icon.png
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Automatic System.png Automatic system Fully automatic fire mode The full-auto receiver and short barrel combo may not boast highest damage and accuracy, but it still provides best recoil control, making it perfect for short- to mid-range engagements.
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Burst Fire System.png Burst fire system 3-round burst fire mode
Damage +4
Accuracy +3
Rate of fire -8
The burst fire receiver and standard barrel combo is the perfectly balanced option for engaging targets at either close or long range. Its only drawback is that it can only fire 3-bullet bursts.
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Semi Auto System.png Semi-automatic system Semi-automatic fire mode
Damage +5
Accuracy +8
Stability -7
Rate of fire -5
The long barrel and semi-automatic receiver turn the weapon into a long-range marksman rifle, substantially increasing bullet velocity and damage. On the downside, the weapon becomes harder to aim quick and its recoil gets much stronger.
Upgrade Sight Icon.png
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Iron Sights.png Iron sights Aim with iron sights Standard sight used to assist in aiming.
Reflex Sight.png Reflex sight Iron sight replaced with reflex sight This pre-war sight makes aiming the gun at close and medium range easier, without sacrificing much of the field of view.
X6 sight.png Scope 6x Iron sight replaced with 6x scope This sniper sight allows easy aiming at extremely long distances, but significantly limits the field of view.
Upgrade Mag Icon.png
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Small Mag.png Small magazine 11 rounds Small magazine created specifically for this rifle improves its handling and accuracy by adjusting the weapon's balance. Can hold up to 11 standard or incendiary rounds.
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Standard Mag.png Standard magazine 30 rounds
Stability -1
Magazine +3
Standard size magazine created specifically for this rifle, can hold up to 30 standard or incendiary rounds.
ME Icon Upgrade Sammy Huge Mag.png High capacity magazine 100 rounds
Stability -7
Magazine +8
Huge magazine created specifically for this rifle. Its weight may affect your steadiness of aim and accuracy, but on the flip side it can hold up to 100 standard or incendiary rounds.
Upgrade Gadget Icon.png
Other slot empty.png No gadget None (default) Less gadgets, less problems.
Red Laser.png Red laser Crosshair replaced with red laser dot Made from a cheap laser pointer that was heavily modified to increase power output at the cost of reliability.
Green Laser.png Green laser Crosshair replaced with green laser dot High visibility laser sight reassembled in a custom-made body along with a bunch of modifications.

Related Achievements/Trophies[]

ME Achievement Lord of War Icon.png Lord of War Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 20 Game points.png
Collect all the upgrades for Sammy rifle and Stallion pistol in the SAM'S STORY chapter.


  • The rifle is a modified version of the Kalashnikov/Izmash AK-12 rifle prototypes made between 2011 and 2015 (probably one of the earlier ones, considering the timeline), equipped with a custom handguard, magazine well, and stock, with the picatinny rails replaced by the dovetail mount commonly used in post-WW3 Russia, as confirmed by concept artist Ilya Tolmachev's Artstation profile.
    • The Burst Fire upgrade adds the Picatinny rails seen on the AK-12, making it look a bit more recognizable.
  • The heavy stock and drum magazine modifications mimic the real-life magazines and wooden furniture of the 1928 Thompson sub-machine gun, copying its 50/100 round drum magazines as well as its distinctive forward grip and buttstock.
    • Instead of the top mounted charging handle of the 1928 pattern, it has a side mounted charging handle similar to the M1A1 pattern used extensively in World War II.
    • The muzzle brake the weapon uses in its fully automatic configuration is also similar to the one used by the Thompson.
    • The heavy stock also has a detailed carving of a bald eagle on it.
    • The name is likely also a reference to the Thompson, as one nickname for it is the "Tommy Gun".
  • Although the Sammy was ostensibly designed with proprietary magazines to handle incendiary and/or over pressured ammunition that the Kalash could not, there is nothing stopping a shooter from simply loading the more powerful rounds into an AK magazine as usual, since both rifles use the same caliber. 
    • Kalashes are capable of firing incendiary ammunition just fine. Starting from Metro: Last Lightmilitary grade rounds were reworked to be incendiary in addition to just being more powerful overall, and they behave the same way when shot at a target as the new ammo type in Sam's Story.
  • Loading and firing the special incendiary ammunition does not make the Sammy overheat faster than it would normally.