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N/A (Est. 10 years old)


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Hole Station

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Hole Station


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Sasha (Russian: Саша) is a young boy encountered at the beginning of the mission Child.


When first found, he is sitting by the corpse of his uncle, in hope of being able to wake him up. When Artyom makes it clear that he is observing Sasha, Sasha seems to understand rather quickly that his uncle is dead. Despite this, Sasha accepts the situation and is escorted back to his station by sitting on Artyom's shoulders. He is quite talkative, brave and seems to be very curious of his surroundings; Sasha alerts Artyom when enemies are near, though this shouldn't be depended on. When Sasha is on Artyom's back the player cannot run and also the turning speed becomes somewhat sluggish. This also increases the amount the gun sways whilst aiming, making precise shots and quick turns much harder, which makes fighting lurkers even harder due to their fast movements.

At the end of the mission, Sasha is reunited with his mother, who expresses her regrets about Sasha's uncle's death, but is thankful that Artyom brought Sasha back to her. She offers the player some ammunition which you can either take or refuse.


  • Refusing to take the ammunition will earn you Moral Points, needed to get the Enlightened ending.
  • Sasha is also the name of a female protagonist in Metro 2034.
  • Most of the little boys encountered during the game look exactly like Sasha.
  • When passing through a certain part of the level Artyom and Sasha pass under a broken vent shaft where the sky becomes visible. Sasha gets excited about this. Players can follow a plank way up nearing the opening, after reaching a certain height Sasha will ask to go back down and to not drop him.
  • In the "Market level", a kid is seen talking to an old man about mutants eating kids brains, and then, those kids becoming mutants. After this, the kid runs off, and tells this story to other kid, who then says that his father is a ranger on a mission and that "he is stronger than [his] uncle". A similar line is heard by Sasha at the "Child" level.
  • In Metro 2033 Redux, he has a new voice actor and dirty blonde hair, unlike in the original version, which he has brown hair.
  • In the novel, Artyom's uncle is sometimes reffered as Sasha. The boy Sasha and Hole Station are likely a reference to the novel when Alex saves the life of a young Artyom from a station overrun by mutants.