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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2034 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel.

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Sasha (Russian: Саша), her full name being Aleksandra Petrovna (Russian: Александра Петровна), is a character in the Metro 2034 and Metro 2035 novels.

Sasha is depicted as a pretty girl unaware of her own beauty. She is described as being "angular", mostly wearing overalls and a shirt "with a funny animal" under it. Her hair is very fair but unevenly cut. Sasha also has blue eyes.

Metro 2034[]

Sasha and her father lived on Avtozavodskaya Station before they were expelled to Kolomenskaya. At Kolomenskaya, they both made a living from scavenging on the surface and trading found objects for food, ammo and other supplies.

At the age of 17, she joined Hunter and Homer on their journey, after the ex-Ranger saved her life following her father's death.

Although unable to articulate it, she appears to fall in love with Hunter after he saves her life for a second time from mutants at Paveletskaya.

Later, Leonid takes a fancy to Sasha and persuades her to go off with him to Kievskaya to find a cure for the plague afflicting the Metro. After Leonid admits that he knew what the cure was all along, Sasha rushed back to Tulskaya to let the surviving victims know before they're exterminated. Unfortunately, she is too late.

Metro 2035[]

After the Ranger's assault on Tulskaya station, her body was not found among the drowned corpses, and she was presumed dead; however, in Metro 2035 it is revealed that she survived the assault (her and three others climbed out a hatch to the surface) and lives on the Tsvetnoy Bulvar station (a lawless station whose residents are mostly drug traffickers, addicts, prostitutes and their clients).

Sasha is working on Tsvetnoy Bulvar as a prostitute 'owned' by the mysterious Bessolov. Artyom meets her after a drunken night there, though he has little memory of it. After hallucinating about giant planes with dragonfly wings, and tubular cars (what Sasha believed the surface world was like), he remembered Sasha, and sought her out. Sasha also reveals facts about the 'Invisible Watchers' to Artyom.

It appears that Artyom quickly fell in love with Sasha, though it is unknown if Sasha reciprocated these feelings. She was greatly affectionate to him, however, going as far as trading her own future in the bunker for Artyom's survival (by convincing her owner to take with him Artyom to the bunker instead of her, so Artyom can get treatment to his - otherwise deadly - radiation sickness).