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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Saul (Russian: Саул) is an antagonist and a possible ally in Metro Exodus. He is a member of the Munai-bailer.


Saul is a high-ranking member of the Munai-bailer. He commands a small group of men and possesses several vehicles. Despite his thuggish appearance, Saul is a very shrewd and conniving individual. When Giul started fighting back against the Munai-bailer, Saul saw an opportunity to rid himself of the Baron, so he made a deal with her which would see Giul kill the despot. Unbeknownst to her, however, he also found a double to pose as the Baron after the real Baron was dead, in order to rally the Munai-bailer behind him and demoralize the slaves, with the Baron "rising from the dead". Should Saul's plan succeed, he would become the true leader of the Munai-bailer, ruling through the fake Baron.

Metro Exodus[]

Saul and another raider intercept the Aurora when it arrives in the Caspian Desert in their van. They immediately drive off to inform the Baron, forcing Artyom to follow them to their outpost. Saul tries to radio the Munai-bailer base, but is unable to get through due to a sand storm. When Artyom climbs to the top of the outpost, he is attacked by Saul, who knocks him down and attempts to kill him. Artyom is able to turn the tables on Saul and put him in a headlock, whereupon Saul will surrender. He can be either knocked out or killed.

If Saul is spared, he will later confront Artyom with a few of his men, after Artyom takes a nap. (Must be at the safehouse near the centre of the map, on top of a broken section of a bridge. You'll almost certainly drive past it on the road out of the lighthouse bunker) Saul will thank Artyom for sparing his life with the 8-shot double-action cylinder (useful if you missed this modification in the Volga) for the revolver, and will also allow Artyom to keep his van. Saul explains that he was conspiring with Giul to kill the Baron before Artyom and the Aurora crew arrived, since he wants to take over the Baron's operation. However, after the arrival of the Spartans, the Baron's paranoia gets the best of him and he locks himself in his tower while tripling the guards, which ruins Saul's original plan; to get Giul to take the Baron out silently. He therefore proposes Artyom kill the Baron in exchange for a reward, and promises to leave the Aurora crew alone should Artyom go through with the assassination. Even if Saul is dead, Giul is still forced to fight the remnants of the Munai-bailer after the Baron's death.


  • Regardless of whether or not Artyom meets up with Saul, the result still the same, with Anna killing the Baron and Giul blowing up the tower.
  • It's possible to kill Saul after meeting him again at the bridge safehouse. Doing so awards no negative moral points. This can be easily accomplished by collecting the offered revolver, then throwing a grenade onto the bridge from the ground; placed right, it will kill Saul and all his men.