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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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By fire and sword we'll take back our world...' Miller believed this, and was ready to die for it. But I was filled with doubt. We had already scorched the Earth once. Now the fire was in my hands, and I had to carry it through.

— Level description

Separation takes place after Miller and Artyom fight the biomass in D6's reactor. It is the last time the player will see Ulman as he is ordered by Miller to stay behind and protect Vladimir in the control room.


After fighting the biomass in the reactor and restoring the power to the complex, Artyom and Miller take an elevator back up to the top floor of D6 to meet up with Ulman. As the elevator ascends from the depths of D6's lower levels, the two pass huge store rooms full of military vehicles and weaponry. Miller vows that "By fire and sword, we'll take back our world", he continues talking to Artyom on how it will be when they eventually claim back their world, but even in his voice he sounds doubtful as he finishes. As they reach the top Ulman meets them at the train where Miller and Artyom will leave D6 to continue to Ostankino Tower. Ulman also has a "present" waiting for Artyom along with the Missile Guidance System. The present includes a standard Kalash 2012, a Revolver with a suppressor and various amounts of ammunition, a new gasmask, filters, and medkits. Miller and Artyom then get on the train and begin their trek to the surface. It is suggested that Artyom equip his gas mask before the level finishes because in the next level the game will skip some of the scenes in Prologue and they will start immediately on the surface.