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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in The Two Colonels DLC for Metro Exodus.

Captain Seryoga Vinogradov (Russian: Серёга Виноградов) is a Captain in OSKOM and a minor character in The Two Colonels DLC.


Originally seen as "soft" by his father, Seryoga joined OSKOM at some point before 2034 and rose to the rank of Captain. Though Anatoly claims that he is "full of himself", he appears to have at least been a competent officer, and was inherently loyal to the General.

The Two Colonels[]

Seryoga is first mentioned in a conversation between Anatoly Vinogradov and Colonel Khlebnikov on New Years Eve, 2034. His father states that he is quite proud of what Seryoga has accomplished, and how he has toughened up following his enlisting in OSKOM. Khlebnikov states that it's due to the General's parenting, but states that he thinks Anatoly might have been too hard on his son.

Later, during the final assault on Sibirskaya Station by Rioters in the closing days of the Novosibirsk Riots, it is revealed that his father was complicit in a plot to evacuate the OSKOM leadership at the cost of the rest of the Novosibirsk Metro's inhabitants. Angered when he is told that he has been left behind, he orders his son and a loyal soldier named Petrov to seize an RPG from the arms locker in Krasny Prospekt and blow up the train at a crossroads. Petrov then informs the general that his son had been killed in the fighting.