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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2034 novel.

Sevastopolskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant (sometimes abbreviated Sevastopolskaya HPP, Russian: Севастопольская ГЭС) is a minor faction that appears in the novel Metro 2034.


Sevastopolskaya HPP spans over three stations: Sevastopolskaya, Kakhovskaya, and Varshavskaya. As the name suggests, the faction possess several hydroelectric turbines which use groundwater to generate electricity. It is one of the most important power sources in the Moscow Metro, supplying the entire southern half of Hanza with electricity.

Unfortunately, the stations under the faction's control are often attacked by mutants. They are also fully dependent on ammunition and food supplies from Hanza, which aren't always sufficient.

Because of its strategic importance and hostile environment, most citizens of Sevastopolskaya HPP are trained soldiers. Barricades are set up at Sevastopolskaya to repel hordes of mutants that often come from Chertanovskaya station. At Kakhovskaya, machine gun nests were set up and snipers constantly rotate shifts to provide protection at all times. Varshavskaya itself is abandoned, but several turbines are located close enough to it that this station is usually considered part of Sevastopolskaya HPP as well.