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Sevastopolskaya Station is a location in the Metro 2034 novel.


The station is considered by its inhabitants a small Sparta, as every inhabitant from the youngest to the oldest is trained to fight. The reason is simple: the engineers of the station produce more than two thirds of the electricity of the Metro, through underground hydroelectric plants. Unfortunately most of the generators are located south of the hermetic door, which means it must remain open, and so hordes of mutants attack Sevastopolskaya station regularly.

In Metro 2033, Artyom hears one of the stories that the Sevastopolskaya citizens tell in the rest of the Metro, to deter attacks from the north.

Notable residentsEdit

Contrast between Metro 2033 and Metro 2034Edit

As can be read in Metro 2033, beyond Tulskaya station the line is abandoned and nobody knows what can happen there. Even Hanza won't colonise the line. It's a dead zone, the stations are empty and their installations damaged. There are no animals or monsters, no rats.

A lone wanderer from Serpukhovskaya station (nobody knows why) once tried to venture from Tulskaya station to the end of the dead line. He described that the tunnels were very clean, without any sign of life and totally silent. He passed through many abandoned stations, in total darkness. And in every moment with a deep feel of danger. Finally, the wanderer sees an eerie ghost train on Sevastopolskaya station; frightened, he decides to go back to Tulskaya.

Later, in Metro 2034, Sevastopolskaya is fully inhabited, leading to the assumption that earlier tales of the line were false rumours spread by the Sevastopolskaya citizens to deter attacks from the rest of the metro, or from Hanza.

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