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Shaman is the 'expert' for the Polis Kshatriya team, in the Metro: Last Light DLC, Kshatriya level. It is his job is to identify and catalog artifacts brought in by the team's Stalkers, and provide compensation for retrieved items.


When first met, Shaman is doubtful of the Ranger Trainee and assures him that the life of a stalker is a difficult one and that the big riches, such as the map of secret metro, are simply fairy tales. He shows the training board listing all the Artifacts available for him to pick up during his trip to the library. When the trainee obtains said items, he can bring them to Shaman in exchange for military grade rounds, with Shaman's comments on said items also helping discern the value of each one.

He appears to like music as he is always seen with headphones around his neck, and he occasionally walks around listening to pop and rock songs that can be heard by the player . He is most likely a Brahmin - a keeper of knowledge in Polis - as he never ventures outside the hub and appears to be the least violent and oldest. Although his scars do suggest he has seen combat of some kind during the past, seemingly mutant related, judging from the claw-like marks.


  • Despite calling the map of secret metro a fairy tale, he still lists it on his list to be found.
  • Shaman bears significant resemblance to the Breaking Bad Character Walter White/Heisenberg

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