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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in The Two Colonels DLC for Metro Exodus.

Sibirskaya (Russian: Сибирская) is a metro station in the Novosibirsk Metro. This location appears in Metro Exodus and its DLC, The Two Colonels.


Sibirskaya is a transfer station, connected with the station Krasny Prospekt - the two forming the only transfer between the two metro lines. Its stategic position meant that both aforementioned stations became the headquarters of OSKOM - a faction which is in command of the Novosibirsk Metro, because it controls the distribution of Radioprotector, a drug vital for surviving in the heavily irradiated city.

The location is first seen in The Dead City. When Miller and Artyom pass through it, they notice the unusual amount of dead bodies as well as some destroyed railcars and quickly realize a fierce battle must have taken place here. Miller also notices some gas canisters and notes that a gas attack might have taken place in the station. The two are then attacked by Nosalis, who emerge from the piles of corpses and skeletons.

During the second part of The Two Colonels, the player witnesses the battle first-handed, when they (as Colonel Khlebnikov) have to defend the station against the rioters who attack OSKOM headquarters. OSKOM members want to blow up the tunnels to block the access routes for rioters, but one charge fails to detonate so the soldiers have to fall back. OSKOM barely stops the rioters near the escalators, but a chlorine gas is released, killing most of them, apart from Khlebnikov, who is dragged by an unnammed soldier to the other side of an airtight door. The events of that day result in wiping out most of the Novosibirsk survivors, apart from Khlebnikov and his son, so the station has been abandoned since then, with nosalis moving in and making it their lair.