So let your hands slay the enemy servants, with no rest or mercy!

— Silantius to his cult.

Silantius (Russian: Силантий) is an antagonist in Metro Exodus. He is the leader of the Church of the Water Tsar. He serves as the primary antagonist of the Volga chapter.


He is the leader of a crazed techno-phobic cult, near the Volga river, who blames the downfall of civilization on technology. Under the influence of Silantius' sinister charisma, the fanatics have started worshiping a great and powerful beast that lurks beneath the water.

He and his group, holed up at the Church of the Water Tsar, are enemies of Artyom and the Rangers.

According to a few recordings Artyom may find around the bridge over Volga, Silantius was a member of a political party before the War (though there is no mention of which one, or under what regime), and might have also been incarcerated in a mental asylum for his beliefs.

An audio log located in a safehouse close to the terminal where Artyom travels to retrieve Krest's railcar reveals that Silantius went around claiming that he knew how to stop the anomalies that were hurting people using "charms", which in reality were lightning rods that destroyed the anomalies. Claiming that the only way to stop further "attacks" from anomalies was to get people to stop using electrical technology, he eventually amassed followers, as they did not know what Silantius' charms really were. The man who records the log says that Silantius isn't dumb, for knowing how to manipulate people in such a manner.

Metro Exodus Edit

Silantius is first seen giving a sermon when Artyom visits his church on a paddle boat. He and his followers attempt to trap Artyom, but he escapes. Later, when Artyom and Duke infiltrate the Bridge so they can lower it, they find Silantius in the main control room. Silantius' attitude depends towards them depends on whether or not Artyom gathered enough moral points. If Artyom avoided unnecessary killing, Silantius will tell his followers to hold their fire, but if Artyom was merciless, Silantius will raise the alarm and yell for his followers to open fire, until he is knocked out by Duke. This results in Duke getting shot, and Artyom being forced to leave him behind.


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