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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

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Simon (Russian: Семён) is a fisherman from Venice who doubles as a law enforcer.


Simon dislikes the gangsters, who inhabit Venice, and plans to kill or apprehend them at a meeting that is held the day Artyom arrives to the station. Simon asks for Artyom's help in taking out the gangsters, but he is prohibited by the station master from doing so. Simon goes along with the plans regardless, but finds that Artyom has already cleaned the place up and is holding Pavel, a Red contact of the gangsters, at knife point. Simon unintentionally distracts Artyom which allows Pavel to escape. Simon leads Artyom out of the station and directs him to where he have to go through the marshes, before heading back down to the Metro.


  • Simon is also a stalker including being a fisherman, since the mother of the kid who had lost his teddy bear states that Simon brought it from the surface.
  • According to Fedor, Simon knows a lot about engines and asks him to help him with his boat.