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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel.

Smolenskaya (Russian: Смоленская) is a location visited by Artyom in the Metro 2033 novel, and is also featured in Metro 2035.


Artyom is ordered by Melnik to head for Smolenskaya after their trek to the Great Library on the surface ends disastrously, with Daniel killed and Ten injured by the librarians. Artyom makes his way there, despite falling foul of watchers, a demon and a slimeslug.

Artyom reaches the door to Smolenskaya, but forgets the knock he is supposed to use to be let in - luckily, the guards hear Artyom's gunshots and rescue him. Artyom is then put into quarantine in the medical facility, though Melnik is there to help him with the next step of his journey; travelling to Kievskaya to find a missile man, Tretyak.

Despite being known as a peaceful station, Smolenskaya is thoroughly organized and militarized. A tense atmosphere resides over the station, as if it was being besieged by some unknown force. The place is full of soldiers and the civilians are very reluctant to speak to people from outside the station. The station might serve as a base for the Stalkers under Melnik's command, since he goes back there for reinforcements for the assault on Park Pobedy. By the year 2035, it could actually be the headquarters of the Ranger order.

Smolenskaya was probably replaced by Sparta base in the video game since both serve as a restock point and the place where Melnik/Miller examine the documents regarding D6.


  • Artyom notes that Smolenskaya is inhabited by many Caucasians, who he had only previously seen being tormented in Kitai-Gorod, and imprisoned in Reich camps, showing the acceptance of this part of the Metro to non-Russians.
  • There are actually two stations called Smolenskaya, both in the Metro world and in real life. The Smolenskaya Artyom visits is part of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line, and the other is part of Filyovskaya Line.
  • The Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Smolenskaya was originally built in 1953 to replace the other Smolenskaya. In the novel, the map indicates it is controlled by the Arbat Confederation.
  • The Filyovskaya Smolenskaya was built in 1935, and closed in 1953 after the new one was built. However, it was reopened in 1958, but the two stations remain seperate. In the novel, the map indicates it is occupied by mutants.
  • The Ranger Stepan comes from this station.