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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Sparta is the second level in Metro: Last Light and the first level that can be played - albeit with limited controls.


The level starts of with a man, presumably Artyom, sitting at a guardpost with other sentries outside Exhibition station in a manner similar to the beginning of the original novel. One of the nearby soldiers is talking about where he lived before the war, when suddenly, screams are heard at the next outpost further into the tunnel before everything goes dark and silent. Artyom and his comrades nervously stand ready to face whatever might come at them, when three Dark Ones suddenly materialize out of the darkness and several nosalises appear. As Artyom kills all the nosalises, he is horrified to realize that the monsters are in fact his comrades. Artyom lays the body of one of them, whom he just stabbed through the head onto the ground and look up at a Dark One looking down at him before touching Artyom.

Artyom is then suddenly woken by Khan in his bed at D6, it was all a dream. Khan tells him that he spotted a surviving Dark One in the botanical garden and that they must find him. Artyom must go to the armoury to gear up. He can listen to other Rangers conversations for some moral points. At the armoury, Artyom will be given a gas mask, medkit, some MGRs and a free selection and customization of the weapons in the armoury plus some basic instructions and a chance to test his weapons on the shooting range. Nearby on the table of the ranger, Artyom can find a (sometimes functional) ammobox so that he does not need to worry about using up precious ammo.

Artyom can listen to some more conversations before meeting Khan and Ulman to go to the meeting with Miller. On the way, Khan will give some philosophical remarks at D6, and Ulman can be heard inquiring about a missing Spartan, Lesnitsky, who was tasked with watching a stash of chemical weapons. At the meeting with Miller, Khan informs the colonel of the surviving Dark One and asks for permission to take Artyom with him to locate it. Miller agrees but sends a sniper along, his daughter Anna, to kill the lone Dark One. Khan objects and is escorted out of the room by two guards on Miller's orders. Miller tells Artyom to go with Anna to the gardens to kill the Dark One without Khan.

Anna teases Artyom, calling him a "rabbit", as she is not convinced that he's a good soldier. Anna and Artyom leave the facility on a monorail to the gardens, the same one that Artyom and Miller took a year earlier to launch the missile strike against the Dark Ones.

Diary Entries[]

  • Right after talking to Miller, it is on a chair just to the right on the elevator.

Moral Points[]


  • Play the guitar in Artyom's room.
  • Listening to the two Rangers near Artyom's room discussing the significance of D6. Their conversation can be interrupted when Artyom gets close to them where they will greet Artyom, then they will resume the conversation again. However, if you interrupt their conversation when it's near the end, they won't resume the conversation and you would lose the chance of getting the moral point.
  • Play the balalaika in the room with the men discussing Romanov.
  • Spend around two and a half minutes since you control Artyom from his room before meeting Khan and Ulman at the elevator gate. The moral point will pop up immediately when you had spent the mentioned time.
  • Spend around twelve and a half minutes since you control Artyom from his room before getting into train with Anna. The moral point will pop up immediately when you had spent the mentioned time. The method for getting this moral point and the previous one were commonly mistaken, as they are time-triggered moral points which can pop up by chance when you're doing certain things like hearing conversation, trying the firing test, etc, so people may mistake those activities as things that triggered the moral points.


  • In the room Miller is in on the map is a station called China-Town. This is the station of Kitay-Gorod, which translates as China Town. The station and the district above it is often called China-Town by Moscovites in the real world.
  • Some of the areas first encountered in Metro 2033 are revisited in this level.


  • The ammo box at the shooting range frequently does not actually refill Artyom's ammo. Hence, spending large amounts of ammo on the targets is generally not a good idea.
    • To avoid this, however, simply go back to the weapon rack, swap out the weapon you have emptied for one with a different ammunition (for example, if all shotgun rounds have been used up, swap the shotgun for a pistol) and approach the range. Then go back and retrieve the first weapon. It will have full ammunition, but the attachments will need to added again. The box should have also refilled.
  • Upon looking outside the window next to the shooting range, a few rangers all armed with revolvers can be seen, one of which happens to be closest to the window is holding a silenced revolver, but the actual gun itself always glitches and is positioned either near his shoulder or floating on an oblique angle above the table.