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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

So far we haven't met any signs of enemy occupation.

— Artyom

Spring is the fifth level overall in Metro Exodus, and the second of the seasonal intermission levels set solely on the Aurora. Unlike "Winter", Artyom is able explore the newly added sleeper carriage and is able to listen in on much more relaxed conversations between the crew.


Artyom is awoken by Anna in their private room on the Aurora. Alyosha, also present, informs Artyom that he is to report to the Colonel at once. Artyom can choose to stay with Anna, and she reflects on how Artyom acted in the Volga, how they have not seen any sign of enemy forces and remarks that their venture on the Aurora is a late honeymoon.

Artyom is then free to explore the Aurora before meeting Miller. Tokarev reveals his new workshop set up at the rear of the sleeper carriage, whilst an inquisitive Nastya asks him to teach her how to sew. Nearby, Krest is taking a smoke break by the rear door and he reflects on how lucky he is to have met the crew. Stepan can be seen wooing Katya with a guitar, Artyom can also join in if he had obtained a guitar from the bandits in the Volga. At the main dining area Sam, Idiot, Damir and Alyosha are conversing about their actions in the Volga. If Duke survives, he will be there to tell his, highly exaggerated, side of the story. The rest of the group also talk about their expectations of the journey ahead, and Artyom has several opportunities to join in a toast between the group.

At the head of the train, Miller reveals to Artyom that he has managed to get through to the Ark project and has recorded a message between himself and a communications officer, Major Ivanov. Although brief, the recorded message between the two details their expected arrival at the Ark as well as the manpower on hand. An ecstatic Miller cannot contain his joy and informs the Major that he will commit his entire force to the Ark project when they arrive.


  • Nastya's Letter - In between Artyom's room and Tokarev's workbench, there are two beds and a table. The letter is on the table.