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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Developer Pack DLC for Metro Last Light.

During the years that passed after the War, we stalkers left no stone unturned in the accessible regions of the city in our search for resources. That's why the news of the D6, a colossal secret bunker found in a pristine state had such an impact. All the Metro is dreaming of secret military facilities not marked on any maps now.

— The Stalker

The unnamed scavenger, a Stalker, in the Developer Pack DLC, is the protagonist and player avatar for the extra level, the Spider Lair, and part of a team that venture into an abandoned missile silo.


Like many other silent protagonists of the DLC entries for Metro: Last Light, very little is known about the Stalker. According to the other members of his team, Simon and Petrovich, he is their "new guy", who might have been easily scared off from coming along on the mission to an abandoned missile silo, had he not been reassured by his team's formidable equipment. Proceeding the events of the level's gameplay, however, it's evident that the Stalker gets separated from the rest of the team, and is captured by the spiderbugs that now infest the silo.

Managing to escape captivity, the Stalker finds the remains of his team, and slowly builds an arsenal to fight against the threat that has infested the area around him. After some intense battling and using fire and light to his advantage, the Stalker manages to escape the facility by way of a service elevator in an occupied silo. However, his survival is unlikely, as he escapes into the equally inhospitable environment of the surface, populated by watchmen and demons already waiting for him.


  • The Stalker wears a mix-match of Hansa and NBC suit armour when with his team in Venice, though while playing he wears only the environment suit. Thus, his general appearance can only be approximated.