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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Stand Back is an achievement in Metro Exodus.


The achievement is obtained for killing 50 enemies at long distance. The distance required for kills to count for this achievement is unknown, however, the range doesn't seem to be too far. The combat in Metro Exodus is typically either stealth or close quarters so the player will probably have to put conscious effort into obtaining this achievement.

Best weapons for this task are either the Valve, or the Tikhar with Railgun upgrade. The best level for getting long-distance kills is probably The Caspian, as it features the largest map, which is fairly open and enemies are encountered very often in this level, having numerous bases and camps throughout the entire area.

As for the distance required to count as a 'long range' kill, a good example is in The Volga, at the tower where the Guitar can be found for the Friend of the Crew achievement. If the player stands on the tracks atop the embankment and snipes down at the enemies below, they should be far enough away for the kills to count towards the achievement.