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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

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Colonel, sir, we can't just leave them here, they will be eaten alive!

— Stepan

Stepan (Russian: Степан) is a character who first appears in Metro 2035 and returns in Metro Exodus. He is the Spartan Ranger's heavy weapons specialist who joins Artyom's crew aboard the Aurora armoured train.


A distinguished ranger of the Sparta Order for years, Stepan was one of the few survivors of the Battle for D6 - along with Artyom, Miller, Letyaga, Duke, and several tens of others.

During the events of Metro 2035, Stepan sides with Artyom and other veteran rangers when the split in the Order occurs. In Metro Exodus, Stepan joins Artyom and Anna on their journey to the east of Russia.

Specialising in heavy weapons as one of the strongest fighters aboard the train, he is taller than all members of the Aurora's crew. Even though he may appear intimidating, Stepan is a hopeless romantic and always wants to help those in need.

Metro Exodus[]

Stepan joins Artyom and his companions on the Aurora. When they arrive to the Volga, Stepan immediately takes interest in Katya and, despite never questioning Miller before, is vocally opposed to leaving her and her daughter behind. Miller eventually agrees, so Katya and Nastya join the crew.

Since the first moment, Stepan became very close to them, and the three were always seen together.

In the Caspian Desert, Stepan is the first of the rangers to become incapacitated due to dehydration, and only survives thanks to Katya's efforts. As soon as he recovers, Stepan proposes to Katya, and the two become engaged. They are married aboard the Aurora by Miller.