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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Studencheskaya (Russian: Студенческая) is an independent metro station in the Novosibirsk Metro. This location appears in the Parade-alle novel.


Ordinary residents took refuge at the Studencheskaya, among which were students and teachers of nearby universities. Under the strong influence of radiation (the background of which was less than in the central regions of Novosibirsk), the survivors changed very strongly both genetically and mentally, subsequently creating a technocracy that was isolated from other people.

Due to the station’s great remoteness from the centre, and therefore from the Institute, in the early years, the survivors could not provide themselves with the necessary radioprotector supplies. Thanks to the actions of scientists and the equipment carried out by stalker groups after World War III from educational institutions, residents probably managed to create a renewable replacement of the “Green Stuff” that is vital in the Big Metro, which allowed the technocratic community of mutant people to exist even after the depletion of reserves of the anti-rad substance in 2035.

Since the connection with Studencheskaya and Ploshchad Marxa was lost in the first post-war days due to the collapse of the metro bridge connecting both banks of the city, none of the inhabitants of the stations in the Big Metro knew about the existence of mutant people, as well as about life on the left bank of the Ob. The stalkers of the River Station, the Siberian Union, and OSKOM never went on an expedition beyond the destroyed metro bridge.