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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

The Gestapo Sturmbannführer is a minor character in Metro: Last Light. He's a Gestapo officer who interrogates and inspects the skulls of prisoners with his partner.


The officer is first seen walking into the interrogation room in Chekhovskaya when his partner, another Gestapo officer, informs him of the prisoners captured near the Botanical Gardens. The officer and his partner first inspect a young Hanza citizen's skull to see if he is an abomination. They declare him to be a mutant and shoot the Hanseatic man in the chest. The Sturmbannführer then moves onto the two Red Line prisoners.

One of the Reds refuses to answer the officer's question and is, in response, shot in the head. The second Red promises that he will talk, but in private. Then, he finally moves onto Artyom. The officer states that the Reich doesn't interfere with the Order's business, but since they have Artyom in captivity they are now willing to interrogate him because of Artyom, their Red Line prisoners, and the Baby Dark One all being present at the same time in the Botanical Gardens.

Pavel breaks free and beats the officer's partner. The Sturmbannführer then tries to shoot Pavel, but Artyom grabs the officer and prevents him from killing his new ally. Pavel then stabs the officer's partner in the stomach before killing him in same way, defeating both officers on the spot before escaping.


  • His voice sounds unusually German (including his way of speaking and pronunciation of certain words) which might make sense considering the Reich's attempts at modeling itself after the German Third Reich.
    • He may be a German (or a Volga German) given a high-ranking position in the Reich despite the Reich's past policies against non-Russians.
  • You cannot pick up the officer's pistol. Presumably, Artyom doesn't pick up his gun since most of the ammo had already ran out, as the officer was firing his gun rapidly during the struggle.