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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Faction Pack DLC for Metro Last Light.

Su (Russian: Cy) is one of the stalkers from the Polis Kshatriya team, in the Kshatriya DLC for Metro: Last Light, along with the Ranger Trainee and his twin brother Bar.


Su and his brother hunt for artifacts alongside the Trainee (but none of their findings are actually seen), and occasionally help break the Trainee out of tough spots like the Watcher ambush in the Piano Room. Most of the time he is seen relaxing in the base with his brother, or sleeping. Him and Bar are twins, as stated by Kuzmich, who refers to them as 'the twins'. They often finish each other's sentences and look very much alike.


  • Occasionally, you can take the ammunition from their guns as they rest on a chair in the hub, but they seem not to notice or care.
  • He and his brother Bar are the only NPCs in Metro: Last Light who use bayonets.
  • Su seems to not have any interest in music, ignoring Bar when he plays a piano in the watcher ambush room.