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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Fanatics on the banks of Volga, cannibals in the mountain bunker, slavers on the shores of the dried-out sea... How many monsters has the War given rise to?

— Artyom

Summer is the eight level overall in Metro Exodus, and the third of the seasonal intermission levels set solely on the Aurora. At this point in the game, the Aurora has collected all of its additional carriages, which Artyom is able to freely explore.


After leaving the Caspian Sea, the Aurora heads eastwards towards their next goal, which Miller has decided to keep a secret for the time being. The level starts with Artyom and Anna relaxing in their cabin on the Aurora. Stepan interrupts to inform them dinner is served, but Artyom can choose to stay and listen to Anna. She talks about her parents, specifically her mother and her dreams. She mentions how she committed suicide as her life as a military spouse had become too much. She wonders about what her father dreams of, and where he will end up on this journey.

As Artyom exits his cabin, a drunk Tokarev and Krest stumble past, beckoning Artyom. As they join the rest of the crew in the dining area, Stepan is playing a song on the guitar, which the duo begin to dance to. The whole crew is merry, joyful and full of laughter, as Stepan has proposed to Katya. Anna joins the crew at the table as Miller reveals their destination; a forest valley to the east, far away from populated areas and untouched by any radioactive fallout. As the festivities continue, Miller marries Katya and Stepan and toasts to their future together, however things take a turn for the worse when Anna begins coughing up blood. The celebrations make an abrupt end and Anna passes out.

As she comes to she tells the crew that her lungs are failing; and that The Doctor at Yamantau revealed this to her when she was taken away. Miller calls Katya and Artyom to the bridge, where they discuss their next move. Katya suggests the mountain air could probably do her good, and not to trust the word of that ghoul doctor. She also reveals that her mother knew of an experimental miracle drug produced shortly before the war. Miller tasks her with looking through her mother's notes for any traces of the drug and where it could be found. Returning to the dining area, the mood has been lifted, as they reassure Anna that it is probably nothing more than irritation caused by the Caspian sand and heat.

Much of the crew return to their duties, whilst Anna, Artyom, Stepan, Katya, Nastya and Miller stay at the dining area as Stepan sings and later discusses the prospect of having a baby. Artyom can choose to stay and is also able to play a song on the guitar. Elsewhere Tokarev and Duke are cleaning weapons at the rear of the carriage. Krest can be seen taking a smoke break at the rear of the train and reassures Artyom that Anna will be ok. Damir can be seen at the head of the train, and thanks Artyom for helping his people in the Caspian.


  • Tokarev's Note - Go to the rear traincar. The note should be on the desk.
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Weapon Attachments[]

  • While there is not any collectable weapon attachments in the Summer mini-level. You are able to modify your weapons at the workbench. Since Artyom will lose access to all three of his weapons and the backpack at the start of the Taiga and as long as you use the Helsing and do not pick up any other weapons. Your other two weapons will appear back in your inventory in the Autumn mini-level. Use this to prep your weapon load-outs for The Dead City Level.

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Related Achievements/Trophies[]

ME Achievement Gorko Icon.png Gor'ko! Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 15 Game points.png
Attend the wedding on the SUMMER level.


  • When cleaning weapons, Tokarev references a line said by Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.
  • The song Artyom plays is from the original Metro 2033.
  • Listening to the radio, you will hear that there are people that actually know that Yamantau was populated by cannibals and they are wondering why the broadcasts from that location have stopped.
  • You can pick up transmissions from the Caspian Sea and these vary depending on whether or not Damir stayed behind, and if the Baron's double was left alive.
  • If you stay standing without sitting down during the wedding celebration, Krest will start talking about stories heard from various traders. These stories are references to various books in the Universe of Metro 2033 series to include Italy (Roots of Heaven), the city of Polar Dawns (Peninsula of Hope trilogy), Ilya Muromets (From the Depths), and the "Ivan Grozny" submarine (Ice Captivity). Then he will talk about the submarine USS Mayflower from Vladivostok that is in the DLC Sam's Story.