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If I'm lucky, our people will be waiting for me at the outpost in the abandoned church. I will tell them everything I know - about Pavel, about a test of some kind they're going to conduct - and will continue on my way to Oktyabrskaya. The Dark One is there.

— Level description

Sundown is the seventeenth level in Metro: Last Light.

Diary EntriesEdit

24. In the middle of the area there will be a huge tanker, behind the tank is a building, inside the building and to the right is a desk, the note is on top.

Moral PointsEdit


  • To the left of the ferry, find 2 female shrimps cannibalising a male shrimp
  • There's a large building with a few wall fallen down, if you see a large shrimp sleeping it gives you a point


  • Several Weapons can be found within this level
    • There is a Kalash 2012 to be found in the buildings behind the gas station, through a small hole with a trip wire.
    • There is a Valve with 4X Scope and laser sight in a prominent watchtower.
    • There is a Lolife with extended barrel, stock, extended magazine, autofire adapter and laser sight in the same area where the watchtower is. It is in a garage behind the car, protected by a tripwire. An ammo box can also be found.
    • There is a Shambler with long barrel and reflex sight, it is found near a body with some ammo and also some incendiary grenade. This area was in the destroyed building left of the area with the watchtower. Be careful a sleeping male shrimp is guarding it.
  • This and Nightfall level requires gas mask to survive.
  • There is also a rocket in the same complex as the Kalash.
  • Liana are found inside the gas station and some other indoor area, so watch yourself.
  • Rangers in the Sparta level has hinted about places like this, and said how to pass them. Follow the red flag if you are lost.
  • Careful when crossing flooded part of the map, it's possible to drown/get eaten by the mutants, this also applies to Nightfall and Garden level. In case if the player is confused, a splash and bubbling sound effect will play when reaching at near deep water. Use this indication to prevent falling into the water if you need to conserve filter time.
  • If Artyom already has a gas mask on when he opens the manhole cover with Simon, he will put a new one over it.
  • The crashed plane in this level is Antonov An-24, a common regional airliner used in Russia.


MLL Equipped Ach Equipped Bronze Trophy - 20 Game points
Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps

MLL Soup Ach Soup Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Kill 5 Shrimp with Grenades

MLL Diver Ach Diver Bronze Trophy - 20 Game points
Fall in the Swamp 10 times.

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