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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Survivalist is an achievement/trophy in the Metro Last Light DLC, Ranger Mode, awarded to the player after completing the story on Ranger Mode Hardcore.


Getting this achievement can either be seen as easy or hard depending on the play style of the player, as there is no HUD, ammunition is limited and enemies do massive damage. Playing the game on this difficulty demands a more stealthy approach to the game - going in guns blazing will most likely get you killed quickly. This is most definitely the case on levels where Artyom is fighting human enemies and even some where he is on the surface (Bridge and Sundown are notable). Simply loading the last level and setting the difficulty to Ranger Mode Hardcore will not give you the achievement/trophy; you must select new game from the main menu, and select Ranger Hardcore.


  • Previously, downloading Ranger Mode and beating it would not reward you with the achievement/trophy. The offical fix was to uninstall and re-install the DLC, then replay D6 to unlock it.
    • This bug has now been fixed in a patch - the achievement/trophy should unlock normally after completing D6.


  • Earning this will also earn the Ranger Elite achievement/trophy by default.