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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

The Swiss Guards (also known as the Pontifical Swiss Guard; Latin: Pontificia Cohors Helvetica; Italian: Guardia Svizzera Pontificia) are the military of the New Vatican.


The Swiss Guards of the New Vatican originate from the surviving members of the Pontifical Swiss Guard and the citizens of the Vatican after the nuclear war. The original commander was Captain Tommaso Guidi, until he was replaced by Captain Durand two years later.

Military forces[]


There are 35 Swiss Guards in the New Vatican. These experienced soldiers both defend the church and conduct reconnaissance across post apocalyptic Italy. Since the nuclear war, the Swiss Guard have been "Swiss" is name only. To replenish manpower, the Swiss Guards recruit any man capable. Training new members often includes throwing recruits into a pit full of mutants armed with a knife to defend themselves; to demonstrate willingness to kill and protect others. A military hierarchy is maintained with ranks including Captain, Sergeant, Corporal, and Private.


Swiss Guards wear camouflaged uniforms with the pontifical Medici colors blue, red and yellow as three narrow ribbons on top their breast pockets. Their uniforms also feature the Vatican coat of arms of the crossed Petri keys under a canopy: the symbol of the Sede vacante, Rome with out the Pope. Their gear includes body armor, night vision devices, flashlights, gas masks, and various weapons such as M4 carbines and "Schmeisser" MP 38/40 submachine guns found after the war.


The Swiss Guards headquarters is located in the New Vatican within the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus. They also maintain outposts throughout Italy. These include Aurelia Station in Rome as well as Ancona, Orte, Perugia, and Ravenna.

Known Members[]

Captain Marc Durand - French commander of the Swiss Guard. Leader of the Vatican expedition. He is fifty years old.

Sergeant Paul Wenzel - German soldier. Short and stocky with a shaved head, a disfigured scar, and nicknamed "Pauli". He is a specialist in destruction techniques. Chosen for the Vatican expedition.

Corporal Yegor Bitka - Serbian radio operator. Skinny, blond, white, with neck muscles taut like a ship's ropes. His breath stinks like a distillery. Chosen for the Vatican expedition.

Corporal Marcel Diop - Afro-French medic and practicing Muslim. Chosen for the Vatican expedition.

Corporal Marco Rossi - Italian soldier, young, born after the war. Chosen for the Vatican expedition.

Private Guido Greppi - Italian soldier, young, born after the war. Chosen for the Vatican expedition. Often quiet.

Private Karl Bune - German soldier, was previously a seminarian. Loves to fool around. Every inch of his skin is covered in tattoos. Eagles, snakes, crosses, stars and comets. The tattoos are blue like his eyes. Appears to be about forty years old. A dragon tattoo covers his shaved head. Chosen for the Vatican expedition.

Sergeant Martini - Italian, an armorer at the New Vatican


  • Despite serving the Catholic Church, many members of the Swiss Guards practice other religions such as Mithraism and Islam, unbeknownst to the New Vatican.