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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The T-90 tank is a main battle tank of the Russian Army. Vehicles of this type, although no longer operational, can be seen scattered around the ruins of large cities in Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus. A flashback cutscene in the latter game also briefly shows this tank in a working condition.


The T-90 was the main battle tank of the Russian Armed Forces, a modernized version of the T-72B. This tank was the standard issue battle vehicle of the Russian army in the run up to and during the War of 2013, with units being found in the streets of Moscow and Novosibirsk, the latter of which where a whole convoy of the tanks attempted to force their way into the Metro entrance, and remain there, frozen after the nuclear blast.

The vehicle is armed with a 2A46M 125mm smoothbore cannon, capable of firing a variety of shells (such as the Sabot rounds seen in the Novosibirsk flashbacks) fed by an autoloading mechanism. For additional armaments, the tank sports a remote-controlled Kord heavy machine gun in the coaxial, and the units seen in Exodus during the flashbacks sport DShK 12.7mm Machinegun mounted atop the turret on a pintle.

It is likely that the increased tensions of the upcoming war was the result of so many military and armoured vehicles being present on the streets, evidenced by the high numbers of tanks seen in the two cites.


In Metro 2033, several preserved T-90s can be glimpsed in the military hardware vault of the D6 bunker.

Metro: Last Light features at least one T-90 which can be found in the "Anna" Mission, located in the gardens. The accompaniment of a Russian military transport helicopter crashed beside it suggests that there was some small military build-up in this area of the city, before the nuclear detonations.

Other T-90s can be seen scattered across the Moscow levels of Metro Exodus, though rarely.


A commander stands out of his T90 turret during the flashback, ordering Artyom's tank to destroy the Metro Entrance

Whilst in Novosibirsk, Artyom and Miller encounter a trail of cars that a T-90 has smashed through, allowing them to pass. Later on, Artyom finds a whole convoy of the tanks, frozen in the snow outside the Metro entrance. While passing through the old vehicles, Artyom will begin to hear radio communications calling for the tanks to push through traffic before being transported to a flashback.

In the flashback, Artyom sees through the eyes of a tank commander in a T-90. They come to a stop in the rain, with the air-raid sirens going off, to find that the way to the Metro is blocked and that the door has been sealed. Another tank commander calls to Artyom and orders that they blast their way through, to use Sabot rounds in order to reduce shrapnel. The tank complies and Artyom is treated to seeing his own vehicle firing on the metro entrance, seeing the crowd scream and scatter. This fails to help the soldiers survive however, as the missiles hit seconds later.

Another tank is seen, having fallen through the destroyed roads, into the tunnels below, allowing Artyom to climb up its barrel.