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Best use of the the RPK[]

If your going to mainline the RPK there are a few vital things to note. Firstly  this gun can and will chew through your 5.45 ammo if left unchecked burst fire, second you dont really need the extended mag until the final mission were there  are little to no shops and you can unleash your military grade rounds, third and this is important you cannot equip this weapon with a suppresor it is a loud full action shoot out weapon and is ment for guns a blazin combat/play styles or as said for above the final levels specifically D6. Moreover this gun shoot stright and does a lot of damage so when you need to go loud and kill mutants or people this big mama with do all the business you need done. This gun is also great for learning trigger control due to it lower fire rate, once you master it hear you can try your luck with faster guns like a AK 2012, Bastard or AKS-74U


Large mags 45 normal (which is the extended mag for both ak 74's)and 100 extended

laser sight

all optical scoaps avalilable 

can be used for sniping in place of a Valve (if you dont mind making a lot of noise)

lower fire rate for better trigger control (or learning trigger control)

Sustained fire over a long period of time, more then any other rifle this one can be fired for the longest time due to it being a repurposed squad support weapon


Cannot be suppresed will make a ton of noise requireing a secondary weapon for long range stealth kills

Low rate of fire, if you dont know how to pace yourself you will get swamped and not be able to fire fast enough to take them out

Somewhat costly, if you dont take it at the beggining out of all the rifles its the second most expensive weapon in game though there are a few places to pick it up(need more reaserch on this one)

It is a bullet hog/hose with the extended mag you will be burning rounds by the hundreds if your not careful, especially if you switch to military grade 5.45's in one level you can burn though 400 MG rounds watch out. 

But with the drum magazine and MGR it is an extremely powerfull machine gun that can take out the toughest of mutants.