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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Lieutenant Colonel Yakov Taubman (Russian: Яков Таубман) is an antagonist in Metro Exodus. He is the commanding officer of the Hanza cruiser, sent to intercept the Aurora, and serves as the main antagonist of the Moscow chapter.


Yakov Taubman is only identified by a diary page entitled 'Official Letter'. He is the commander of the Special Mobile Strike Force department of Hanza and operates out of a heavily armored train identified as a cruiser. The note found states that the Commander has an exceptional operational track record, however the Hanza treasurer is displeased with his flair for dramatics and his high usage of 7.62 Military grade ammunition. Before being deployed to chase the Aurora, the Strike Force had been outfitted with 6000 rounds of MGR, which a crumpled note reveals much of it had been stolen by various members of the train crew.

He appears to have a strong hatred towards Miller, calling him a "damn cripple" several times and making note that he will enjoy killing Miller, his daughter, and his crew.

The Commander is only seen briefly after Artyom reaches the head of the train.

Metro Exodus[]

After Artyom, Anna, and Yermak escape the Jamming station, a joint task force of Hanza and Order troops, including Colonel Miller, assault the train before capturing the trio. After the situation becomes apparent, Miller decides to leave Moscow, fearing the Invisible Watchers retribution. Yermak warns the crew that a cruiser has been dispatched and fog horns can be heard in the distance.

After the cruiser catches up to the Aurora, it fires several bursts of warning shots, one of which catches Alyosha in the arm. Miller volunteers Artyom to board the train and plant explosives in the furnace.

Over the loudspeaker, Taubman can be heard issuing threats to the crew and warns them to slow to a halt, otherwise he will open fire. Miller successfully stalls the commander by claiming the brakes are in bad condition. However, if Artyom is spotted aboard the train, Taubman will immediately open fire and launch a tirade of abuse toward Miller.

After Artyom reaches the head of the train, Taubman locks himself in the drivers compartment and soon after is killed in the explosion caused by Artyom.