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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Well, you're here, which means that all those spineless worms and wannabe pirates are all dead. Am I right?

— The Admiral

The Admiral (Russian: Адмирал) is a character in Metro Exodus.


The Admiral is the former right-hand man of Roman, the leader of the Children of the Forest. The two came to a disagreement about how to deal with the mutants. The Admiral wanted to occupy the local mill to better defend the valley, but the others thought it too dangerous due to radiation levels in the building. The Admiral was outvoted, but still set out for the Mill to carry out his plan, though few joined him. At some point, the Admiral got crippled and was forced to use a wheelchair, though it is unclear if this was before or after he moved to the Mill, or even before the bombs fell. Overtime, the Admiral became mentally unstable, as after his comrades died he continued pretending they're alive, even having conversations with them. What’s more, in his monologue he mentions that his comrades wanted to leave and only the triple dose of his ‘tea’ stopped them. Given that said tea has a clear sleep-inducing effect, the Admiral either purposefully or accidentally poisoned his team and may have gone insane because of that.


  • If Artyom starts shooting at the nearby shrimps with non-silent weapons while inside the mill, the Admiral will yell at him from the second floor to stop, as the shooting will only attract more of them.
  • The Admiral mentions that Olga is the only one who occasionally visits him, even though Olga can tell Artyom that she hasn't heard from the Admiral since he moved to the mill. Whether the Admiral is being delusional, or if this is simply a script error is unknown.
  • Artyom is apparently resistant the drowsy effect of his tea as he drinks two cups without falling asleep.