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I never believed him - and that is no surprise - but Khan's words were true. This strange river took me to the past, the moment I sent out the signal and destroyed all the Dark Ones. And then it dropped me off at the place where I can find the last survivor of that race - a helpless and harmless child...Khan called him the Last angel.

— Level description

 The Chase is the twenty-third level in Metro: Last Light, in which Artyom and Khan chase down a Hansa train (captured by the Red Line) to rescue the Baby Dark One. Near the end of the level, the train inexplicably explodes, throwing Artyom and the Baby Dark One to the surface. It is revealed in the Khan level of the Chronicles Pack that Uhlman and a group of Rangers blew up the train.

Diary EntriesEdit

30. After you get on the train you will come to a train car with some crates with blue tarps over them, the collectible is on top of the right one, you have to walk right past it to continue through the level.

Moral PointsEdit



MLL Bloodlust Ach Bloodlust Bronze Trophy - 10 Game points
Kill all the Reds on the THE CHASE level


  • During the flashback with Artyom's mother, the character models of the people in the background are reused from various NPCs in the story, including Anna and Leonid.
  • From pre-release gameplay, the train was originally taken over by the Fourth Reich and not Red Line troops.  
    • This may have been just to hide the story early on in development or that the story was originally going to have the Nazis as the main antagonists. 

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